Posted by: Tricia | August 31, 2007

Growing like a weed!

Today we took Elliott to see Dr. Jeff for his one month check up. He said Elliott is doing great! We were surprised to find out that he now weighs 8 lb 12 ounces and is 21 inches long! Dr. Jeff is known for helping parents get their babies to sleep through the night at an early age…this is one reason we decided to see him. So, today he gave us the low down on his recipe for success in the sleeping department! David and I were all ears because we are definitely feeling a little sleep deprived these days. As of tonight, Elliott will no longer be sleeping in our room. Adios amigo! To quote Dr. Jeff, “We’ll send you a post card.” Also, we will start trying to put him in bed between 7pm and 9:30pm. This will help him establish a routine that he can maintain throughout childhood. We certainly don’t want a 5 year old who stays up until midnight every night. Great advice! Apparently, once a baby is over 8 lb they have the ability to sleep 6-8 hrs at night…Hmmmm…now we know that Elliott has been keeping secrets from us! We thought it was a very nice visit with the doctor and we feel better after talking with him. He was very reassuring….now we’ll see how fast Elliott can catch on to the new plan! Other news: Elliott took a bottle for the first time last night. This was fun because David got to feed him…they both performed like champions! Elliott loves to ride in his carseat…he falls asleep every time we’re in the car. He is a great shopper…very important to mom! He loves taking baths (see photo). We have both of the dogs at home now so it’s starting to feel normal around here again…it’s loud and there is dog hair everywhere! Also, we have really enjoyed going on a lot of walks around the neighborhood lately to exercise Dexter’s knee. Elliott went to church for the first time on Sunday. He was so well behaved…he slept through the whole thing! Later on we’ll have to teach him that it is rude to sleep through the pastor’s sermon. I guess some things can wait!




  1. Wow…Elliott is growing so fast!! Bennett and I miss him. We’ll have to come visit again some time soon!

    Love you all!


  2. Great to see the photos. We have a cute one of him on our fridge – which we talk to frequently.

  3. Hi guys,

    Long time no see. Great to see Elliott! Can’t wait to see you guys.

    See is my favorite word.

    Kara and Melanie Fowler have mastered the-sleeping-through-the-night-baby. Sounds like you guys have a good plan but I’m sure these two would love to help if you need it.


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