Posted by: Tricia | November 5, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Halloween in our neighborhood is a big deal, to say the least. David and I had only been living in our house for a few weeks last year at Halloween. We were warned by our neighbors, but nothing could prepare us for just how many kids stopped by for a trick or treat! In fact, last year we ran out of candy in 1 1/2 hours and had to turn the lights off inside and out just to keep kids from approaching the front door. We had to hide out in our own home! So, this year we joined forces with several of our neighbors and combined our candy for the night. Our gracious neighbors, Dolly & Dave, were so sweet to invite people to sit out on their front porch. It’s fun to see all of the cute kids in their costumes and we enjoyed getting to share some drinks and appetizers with our neighbors. Because it was nearly 80 degrees outside I decided not to torture Elliott by putting him into his very cute, but very warm, chili pepper costume. He did, however, manage to be festive in a Halloween onesie. He seemed to enjoy the time outdoors, but I think he’ll definitely have a lot more fun next year when he can actually go trick or treating!

Elliott and his ladybug friend, Clarity!



  1. Look at those cuties! Elliott made a great ghost!

  2. […] hot and they almost always come with a hat or a hood!  It was nearly 80 degrees here last Halloween so I didn’t even dress our 2 month old Elliott in his chili pepper bunting.  And, I […]

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