Posted by: Tricia | January 5, 2008

Catching up


Take note: It is 11am and I am going to attempt to finish this blog post today.

I can’t believe more than a month has passed since I last wrote a post. I will never again get impatient with other bloggers who let time lapse and don’t feel the need to share every minute detail of their lives with me and the rest of the blogging world. The business of being a new mother, working part time, keeping the house clean, running errands, cooking meals, staying involved in church, and maintaining a physical appearance that is acceptable for presenting myself in public has proven to be much more difficult than I anticipated. Add into the mix the holidays. So, to say the least, sitting down at the computer to chronicle the events of this busy life is more than hard to come by.

Here is a recap of the last month: On December 2nd, our good friend, Clarity Carman, invited a few of her best friends over for a Christmas cookie party, and we were invited, too!. The babies had fun interacting with each other, and the mommies and daddies had fun talking…mostly about babies, but nonetheless, it was still nice to have time to spend with other grown-ups.


Pate, Clarity, & Elliott at Clarity’s Christmas cookie party

Elliott had his 4 month check up on December 6th. Dr. Jeff said that Elliott looks great! You can check out his stats at “Elliott’s growth chart”. He’ll have his 6 month check up on February 6th where we’ll get the go ahead to start solids! Yay! Real food at last! At 3 months Elliott began drooling, gnawing, and fussing a lot, so we were convinced that he was going to be an early teether. We haven’t seen any teeth yet, but we’re not complaining either.


Fussy Elliott. Not his best look.

The three of us took a trip to Nacogdoches for the annual Christmas party. David has been working for for over 7 years now, and as always, we enjoyed seeing the rest of the employees. For the first time in a long time we were able to get away and stroll around the growing SFA campus. Wow! How things have changed! There are so many nice buildings and amenities on campus now. There is even a lazy river at the recreation center pool. Trust me folks, this is bigtime for SFA. We were most excited about the number of “real” restaurants, including a Taco Bueno, that have made their way into town. We ran into some old friends on campus who happened to be visiting at the same time, and the next day we heard one of them preach at the church we attended while we were in school.


David, Elliott, & Stephen F. Austin

We attended several Christmas parties here in town and even managed to go to some without Elliott! My mom and I got together for our annual Christmas cookie baking day. And, we did lots and lots of shopping for Christmas gifts.

On Sunday, December 23rd, Elliott was baptized. Infant baptism is something that we didn’t grow up seeing in our church, but since we’ve started attending the PCA church it has become an integral part of our worship. During Elliott’s baptism we made a covenant with God to raise him by Christ’s direction. It is a responsibility that we cannot, and do not, take lightly. We believe that his baptism symbolizes that he is set apart in the sight of God because the Bible teaches that the sign of salvation is to be applied to the children of believing parents. This doesn’t mean that Elliott is saved, but it does mean that Elliott has been set apart because God promises to bless his children and his children’s children. Elliott is still a sinner; he needs Christ, and we will continue to pray that God reveals himself to Elliott.


David’s brother and his family traveled from Baltimore to be here for the holidays. It was so good having them here and seeing how much their girls have grown since the summer. The three cousins were all together for the first time! Anastasia prays for Elliott every day. Her latest prayer that her mother shared with me is that “Elliott would have a fun, happy face.” I think her prayers are powerful because Elliott has been a lot happier these days! While Luke, Krista, and the girls were in town we got to spend a lot of time with them.


Some more Welches


Cousins: Evangeline, Elliott, & Anastasia

We spent Christmas Eve day at my mom’s house. Elliott received, ahem, a few gifts, to say the least. One of his favorite gifts from my mom is his Jumperoo. He loves to bounce in it and watch the lights!


Elliott in his Jumperoo

Christmas morning we stayed home and opened gifts. David & I didn’t do much for Elliott because he is already so spoiled by his grandparents, but we did manage to stuff his stocking.


We spent the rest of Christmas day with David’s mom, Luke, Krista, & the girls. It was so much fun to have kids around this year. Anastasia and Evangeline had a blast playing with the Dora the Explorer tent from Nonnie!


Evangeline in the tent!


Anastasia in the tent!



I worked New Year’s Eve night and David stayed home with Elliott. I guess we are officially old and boring now. Midnight came and went without much ado. But, we’re so glad to be happy & healthy in 2008! New Year’s day we said “goodbye” to Christmas and undecorated the house.


Our living room before we “undecorated”

Elliott continues to change every day. Just as soon as I think I’ve got a good routine down, he goes and changes it! Lately he has enjoyed making raspberries with his mouth…very cute. He is so generous with his smiles these days and we love to make him laugh outloud.

Elliott laughing at 5 months (I apologize for the sideways view)

He is also working on sitting up. He needs help so that he doesn’t fall over, but I predict that by the end of the month he will be much better at it!


What a big boy!

I hope this post brings everyone up to date on the happenings of the Welch family. I will try not to get behind again! Happy 2008 to everyone. We hope and pray that God’s peace be with you this year.


Take note: It is 12:43am the next day and I am finished with this post!



  1. I love the video! And all the great photos…looks like you guys had a great time over the holdiays.

  2. Wow…that is quite some blog post! Thank you so much for doing it all and letting me get a peek into the last month of your lives. Elliott is beyond precious.

    One thing I know for sure is that I NEED to get my hands on that little boy and SOON. I’m going to gobble him up!

    As always you have a beautiful family and we love you lots!

  3. I love the photos! Elliot is getting so big, and cuter by the day! Thanks for the update!

  4. Wow, Tricia. What a great update. Lots of good pics, we love the New Years pic! I can’t wait to catch up with you in person. How have you all been?

  5. Great update. Cute, cute, cute baby… family too. See you soon.


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