Posted by: Tricia | January 17, 2008

Dinner for 9 + 2

Last weekend David and I invited some of our closest friends over for dinner and a re-gift exchange. I hadn’t made an entire meal for that many people in a long time, but everything turned out great! It was so much fun to sit and visit with old friends. Elliott’s friend, Bennett, got to come, too! Bryce had the great idea to do the re-gift exchange. So thanks to him, we all got to say “goodbye” to some not-so-lovely gifts we received for Christmas this year. Unfortunately, we all ended up with another not-so-lovely gift to deal with. Nonetheless, it was still a lot of fun, and at times, hysterical. I would share pictures, but then I’d have to…well, you know…I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.


Most of the group.


You can tell by the mess what a good time we had!


  1. I love your kitchen, despite the mess! I like the cabinets a lot!

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