Posted by: David | February 4, 2008

Military Donors Back Ron Paul

I Support Ron PaulRon Paul received BY FAR the most military donations this past quarter, in fact more than double the military donations received by Obama, who received the second most at $94,000. Paul had $212,000. Why is it that the military supports Ron Paul, but the GOP doesn’t support Ron Paul’s military of foreign policies? Apparently, the GOP doesn’t actually care what our former and current military personnel think! Food for thought!

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  1. So you guys are thinking…Huckabee for Prez…right, you guys are for Hucky…I mean, I read the blog, but somehow I am still confused on who it is you like.

    Just kidding, it is interesting to read all that you have posted though…way to be on top of things…the only news I am updated on is whether or not Britany Spears is in rehab again…(:

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