Posted by: Tricia | March 22, 2008

7 random things

Okay, so I’ve been doing a lot of blog surfing lately (see my #7 below) and I’ve come across several “I’ve been tagged” posts entitled “7 random things”. I was entertained, and I don’t even know most of these people, so I thought it would be fun if David and I each admitted 7 random things about ourselves. It actually made for an interesting dinner conversation a few weeks ago as we dined on Sushi together for the first time. Yum! I suppose I could start a game of tag with this post…is that how these things work? I tag Stacey & Stephanie.

7 random things about Tricia:

1. In high school I was a band nerd. Actually, it started in the 6th grade when I decided that I wanted to play the French horn in the band. I was quite good if I do say so myself. I won the John Phillips Sousa award in 8th grade…trust me…it was a big deal to all of us band people. That same year I auditioned for and made it into the Jr. Youth Symphony. As a freshman I made the symphonic band…that’s like the varsity football team for all of you jocks who are having trouble relating. I was in the Fort Worth All City band throughout middle school and high school. I even took private lessons for 6 years at TCU. As much as I loved playing the French Horn, I desperately hated marching band season because none of my best friends were in the band and I couldn’t sit with them at the football games. After a lot of begging, my mom said it would be okay if I didn’t play in the marching band my senior year. It was great getting to be on the other side of the stands with the rest of the “cool” seniors. I don’t regret it one bit!


2. I LOVE brussel sprouts! A few years ago I discovered this while dining at a friend’s house and I have had a craving for them ever since! Unfortunately David does not share my passion for the tasty little green guys so I rarely make them for myself.


3. David & I are exactly 6 months apart…and I am older! So, his birthday is my half birthday and my birthday is his half birthday. We don’t usually celebrate our half birthdays, but I think it would be fun…well, if I got to celebrate mine, anyway. I am still an only child, and I’m not sure I’m ready to share my birthday with anyone just yet.


4. I am a direct descendant of a passenger on the Mayflower. There were only 102 people on board and my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather, Francis Cooke (Born November 26, 1584 and Died April 7, 1663) was one of them. Surely I should get some kind of tax break for that, right?


5. I may be the only female on earth who has never seen an episode of Desperate Housewives or Sex and the City. I saw about 5 raunchy minutes of Desperate Housewives one night and decided that I have absolutely no interest in watching another minute of it. As for Sex and the City, I’m not going to say that I will never watch it, but the opportunity just hasn’t presented itself to me yet.

dh2.jpg sexcity.jpg

6. I am the proud owner of bowling shoes autographed by Steve Nash, former point guard for the Dallas Mavericks. You’re probably wondering how in the world you can get a pair for yourself. Sorry folks. They are one of a kind. Steve, Dirk Nowitzki, and Michael Finley happened to be bowling a few lanes down from us one night in Addison. For those of you who don’t already know, David and I are HUGE Maverick’s fans. So, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to get an autograph that night. The question was on what? Being the wife of a employee has its perks. I happen to own my own bowling shoes. Now, every time I bowl I can brag about how I got Steve Nash to sign my stinky shoe. (click on the picture of the bowling shoe to see the autograph enlarged)


7. I am a self-proclaimed blog stalker. I have discovered that I am quite entertained by blog surfing…meaning I go to a friend’s blog, then hop to one of their friend’s blogs, and so on, and so on. Is it strange that I find the lives of complete strangers so intriguing? I’ve actually come across some blogs that nearly bring me to tears because they are so funny. And, I stumbled upon a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who happens to be the mother of some babies I cared for in the NICU. Small world. Mostly I am just interested in other mommy’s blogs. I love to look at what other babies are doing because I see so much of Elliott in them. I find myself returning to these blogs just to see what they will write about next. I’m really not creepy, but I guess it could sound that way, huh?


7 random things about David

1. He has a mild case of Tourette’s Syndrome. He was never diagnosed, but as a child he had vocal and physical tics. Don’t worry…he doesn’t blurt out obscenities or make crude hand gestures at people in public. The tics are subtle now that he’s an adult, but when he’s tired or stressed it’s much more noticeable.


2. He skipped the 2nd grade. That’s right folks…I married a genius. God obviously planned it this way because if David hadn’t skipped the 2nd grade, then he would have been a year behind me in school. And, if he had been a year behind me in school than there is no way that I would have dated him. We were the same height, 5’2″ (yes, I am still 5’2″), when we started dating in 8th grade…that was enough to make any girl feel self conscious. I certainly didn’t need the added embarrassment of having to tell people my boyfriend was in the 7th grade. And if we never started dating then…you get the picture.


3. He paid for his first truck with cash. That’s right, I married a genius…and he’s got money! Well, not exactly. He worked really hard waiting tables, and saved for a little over a year to pay $6500 for a 1994 Ford Ranger. It was one of his proudest moments. It also meant that I didn’t have to drive everywhere we went.

4. He has some allergies that are….unique. He can’t eat pecans because they make his throat itch and swell. He can’t eat celery because his lips puff up like he’s had one too many rounds of botox. It’s true. I happened to get to witness it once at a party in high school. Apparently he forgot and ate a bunch of celery. It was not a good look on him to say the least. He can’t touch kiwis. He can eat them, but if he touches the skin his throat and ears will start to itch. The produce section of the grocery store can be a scary place for someone who is allergic to kiwi skin…especially if your wife thinks it’s funny to tease you with them.


5. He once saw a man levitate. The cool part is that it wasn’t at a magic show. He was with his brother and his dad in an elevator and all 3 of them witnessed it. Kind of creepy.


6. He can juggle. This may be more common than I realize, but I think it’s pretty amazing and I’m pretty sure Elliott does too.


7. What a smartie! When he was in Kindergarten he was the subject of a graduate student’s master’s thesis about the learning abilities of gifted and talented children. This thesis was about 1,000 pages and David was the star! In it, the student analyzed David’s ability to read, write, and learn quicker than non-gifted students. We have a copy if anyone is interested in a little pleasure reading.




  1. You are sooo funny! It’s always nice to learn a few random facts. Let’s get the kiddos together soon. Maybe the zoo?

  2. OKay, so I am taking on the challenge! I will post 7 random things and make my husband do it on his blog too!…of course, it wouldn’t be hard to get Chris to talk about himself, and he has a pretty crazy past.

  3. Oh my…I’m afraid I might not be too interesting. But I’ll give it the good ol’ college try!

  4. Howdy! I love your random stuff. I got tagged 2 months ago….isn’t it fun to try and think of stuff even your friends might not know about you?

    You and I are alike in #5, thank goodness. Although lots of people think I am weird. And in China they actual translate DH to “Crazy Housewives”. More appropriate I thought šŸ™‚

    See you soon I hope!

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