Posted by: Tricia | April 18, 2008

Lions, & Tigers, & Bears, Oh My!

Shelley, Louanne, Stephanie and I all got zoo memberships this year so we decided to meet up yesterday for a playdate.  It was Elliott’s first trip to the zoo!  Despite the title of this post, we didn’t see lions, tigers, or bears during our visit.  We did, however, hear the lion roaring.  And, according to my friend Shelley (who worked at the zoo…so cool!), he only roars around 4pm everyday.  So, naturally, I was feeling privileged, not only to hear the lion roar, but also to be in the presence of someone who knew so much about the zoo.  We saw the new penguins (scared to death and huddled in a corner), the zebras (beautiful), the kangaroos (they were lazy), the meerkats (so cute!), the gibbons monkeys (cra-ay-zee!), the gorillas, the hippopotomuses, the giraffes, the cheetahs (sad…not enough room to run around), and some goats, pigs, and roosters at the petting zoo.  Elliott petted the goat…okay I put his hand on the goat.  He (Elliott) didn’t seem to care.

We also rode the carousel and the train…two more firsts for Elliott!

With Nadia & Louanne on the train

I felt like we got to see, and do, a lot considering that we had a 2-year-old, a 17-month-old, a 10-month-old, and two 8-month-old babies!  Here are a few more photos from the day.

We do love our zebras!

Silly Elliott, Quiet Nadia, & Clarity, the monkey who loves her toes!

Also present, but not included in the picture above: Stephanie and Chris’s kiddos that they are providing a loving home to for as long as they need.  They are two SWEET, SMART & BEAUTIFUL children.  They can’t have their picture posted on the www, so you’ll just have to take my word for it 🙂

Elliott riding the komodo dragon…David and I think he kind of looks like one when he creeps along on the floor so I just had to get his picture with this guy!

Blossom the baby elephant…isn’t she cute?



  1. I agree, it was so fun!!!

  2. Wait a second…how did I miss this post?? You’ve been updating so often I can’t keep up!

    I want to go to the FW zoo! I’m jealous.

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