Posted by: Tricia | April 30, 2008

Grandma goes to the zoo too!

I will try not to post every time we take a trip to the zoo…after all, we do have a membership and we plan on going a lot! But, this trip was worth mentioning because it was the first time my mom went with us.  And, I have so many cute pictures to share!

Last week my friend, Shawna, sent out an email warning people to stay away from the zoo “on Tuesday 4/29” because they were expecting 5,000 school kids on field trips!  Yikes!  I forwarded the message to my mom, but Tuesday was the only day that would work.  We decided that if we got to the zoo around 1pm we might miss the masses of people because they had to go back to school at some point, right?  I’m proud to say that our plan worked!  We were brave, and smart, and we got there just as all of the kids were leaving.  It was definitely chaotic and loud at the front gate, but the rest of our trip was perfect!  Thanks for the warning, Shawna!

Elliott at Esperanza’s before going to the zoo…he had crackers if you were wondering.

Daddy met us for lunch, too, even though he isn’t in the picture.

Arriving at the zoo…and too many buses to count!

Leaving the zoo…no more buses!

My mom was in seventh heaven because I never liked the zoo as a little kid.  I’m not exactly sure why.  Maybe it was because it was always hot and the animals smell and they never really do anything exciting.  Anyway, I like it now…mostly because Elliott loves being outside and it’s a fun place to go for playgroups.  This time, I am happy to say, that we did get to see lions, and tigers, and bears…even though Elliott was sleeping during that part.  We rode the carousel and the train again, too!  It was a beautiful day…pefect in every way.

Check out this bear’s cool shades!

What an angel!

With Grandma on the carousel

Too cute for words!

After we finished at the zoo we got some custard at Curly’s on Camp Bowie (yum!) and we ate it on the lawn at the Kimball Art Museum.  Elliott liked sitting in the clover, but I can’t figure out how to get him to stop eating the grass!  I don’t mind if he puts it in his mouth…I mean, let’s face it, there are much worse things he could eat.  But, he starts gagging on it, and I have to fish it out every time.  It’s not pleasant for him or me!

I guess all good things must come to an end.  As we were leaving the Kimball I kicked a bee and it stung my toe.  Ouch!  It was not a good way to end such a perfect day.  But, I survived and I’m as good as new and ready for zoo day #3!



  1. Too cute! Great photos of the parking lot. I love Curly’s! I took Nadia there to celebrate our 268 days as a family.

    I love the photo on the carosel with Grandma.

  2. What great pictures. We, too, LOVE the zoo. Let’s play sometime. Glad you had such a wonderful day and got to share it with your Mom.

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