Posted by: Tricia | May 6, 2008

My girls

I spent Saturday night out in Dallas with some of my closest girlfriends.  The five of us have been friends since middle school and we still have the best time together.  When we were growing up we were inseparable.  We don’t get to see each other nearly as often as we would like these days, but when we do get together we pick up right where we left off and it’s just like old times.  Our friendship has stood the test of time even though our lives have taken us in many different directions and we are all in different life stages.   I love each one of them so much and I am so thankful to still have them in my life!

Cassie & Me

Stacey & Me

The 5 of us – Me, Kristen, Stacey, Laura, & Cassie



  1. Girlfriends are awesome! What’s really cool is that you live so close to each other. My best buds from high school flew out here this summer before we got Nadia and it was the first time in 10 years that the 3 of us had been together in 1 place.

  2. I think there are some pictures missing…

    I had so much fun Saturday but stayed out WAY too late. I’m an old fuddy duddy these days and my Sunday was completely unproductive because I was wrecked!

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