Posted by: Tricia | May 8, 2008

She’s mine!

Yesterday our playgroup met for story time at the library followed by lunch at the mall and play time at the indoor playground.  We missed story time due to Elliott’s 2 hour morning nap (which I LOVE), but lunch and play time were a blast!

As most of you already know, Elliott is very close to his friend, Clarity.  They spend a lot of time together and I think Elliott is starting to realize that other boys might think she’s cute, too.  Better watch out, Elliott!  Don’t let her get swept away by another boy!



  1. HA HA!! That is so cute!!!

  2. You are too funny, Tricia!

    I tell you what, I just can’t get over how grown-up Elliott looks in that picture of him crawling down the tunnel! He is really such a beautiful boy.

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