Posted by: Tricia | May 18, 2008

I heart being a mom.

I missed posting on Mother’s Day, but I still felt like I should say a little something because it was, after all, my first Mother’s Day with Elliott.  I don’t think anyone or anything could have prepared me for what being a mother would feel like.   I can vividly remember the first moment that I saw Elliott.  He was absolutely beautiful, it was absolutely one of the most meaningful moments in my life, and I will absolutely never forget it.  Each day I have with him is a blessing from God and I am so thankful that he has given me the opportunity to enjoy the gift of motherhood.

My attempt to describe my feelings about the last 9 1/2 months of my life as a mother would go something like this…

Awe-filled, amazing, anxious, beautiful, bleary-eyed, blessed, cheerful, crazy, delightful, difficult, energetic, eye-opening, flexible, frazzled, fun, gift, God-given, grateful, hilarious, incredible, indescribable, inspiring, joyful, life-changing, meaningful, miraculous, open-minded, prayerful, quiet, rich, scary, selfless, sleepless, tiring, unbelievable, unconditional, wonderful.

Thank you, God, for giving me Elliott…I sure do love being his mommy.



  1. around “frazzled” i realized your list was alphabetized. i guess you left off organized.

  2. Tricia – that is so sweet and I second your post!! I swear I was made to be a mom!

  3. I love your motherhood post, Tricia!! And I totally AGREE!! Don’t you just think words are not enough to describe the feelings you have about being a mom? I don’t even think the word “love” is enough to describe it. What a blessing these babies are to us. I am humbled and grateful for the task…

  4. Sweet baby, sweet Mommy. Miss you. Happy belated first Mother’s day. God Bless.

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