Posted by: Tricia | June 17, 2008

God bless this mess!

Elliott is becoming more and more independent these days and less and less interested in being spoonfed.  However, he is definitely not ready for self feeding!  We thought we would let him give it a go a few mornings ago…let’s just say that he needed a bath afterward!



  1. HA HA! I was lauging out loud. Love the video. Let’s get these kids together again before they go to college!

  2. Holy cow that is cute!!!!

  3. I love how happy he looks. He seems to be having a great time…And, you know whats funny…I am not sure it gets any better. Our boy was ready about the same time as Elliot, but we tried to hold off…but it didn’t seem to help much, we started him with his own bowl recently and we still have to shampoo after every meal. Ahh boys…

  4. Oh Tricia!! I laughed out loud during that whole video!! That is just too funny!! I love how he kept DIVING into his cereal bowl with his whole face!! That Elliott is just the cutest thing ever! I also love your sweet love letter to David. Well said, my friend. Aren’t boys and their daddies remarkable?

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