Posted by: Tricia | June 18, 2008

A day for dads

To the love of my life and the father of my son,

From the moment I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you I knew that you would be an incredible father to our children.  It’s hard to put into words the joy that it brings me to watch you with Elliott.  I could watch you two play and interact all day long.  You have a way of making him laugh like no one else.  He always sleeps better when you’re here to say bedtime prayers with him.  When he hears your voice on the phone his whole face lights up.  When he sees you leaving for work he watches you from the front door and waits for you to wave “bye-bye” to him.  He loves to hear your made-up songs about him.  He loves to follow you from room to room and he loves for you to give him baths because you will let him play and play and play in the water.   He looks at you differently from anyone else in this world and I know that he always will.  Thank you for striving to be a good example of a Godly husband and father to Elliott.  I love you!


On Father’s Day Elliott and I surprised David with donuts and coffee for breakfast…something we never splurge on (the donuts, not the coffee).  After church we met the Welches, including Pop Welch, and my Dad and Alyona for lunch at a Brazilian restaurant.  It was delicious and a fun time was had by all!  Thank you, God, for all of the Fathers in our lives!

Elliott with Papaw

Elliott with Pop



  1. Happy 1st Father’s Day! Super sweet post.

  2. You know, I’m really glad you married David too…he keeps my husband laughing. And, I never asked why, but now that I think about it, maybe he pokes Chris’s belly too? That David…such a jokester!

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