Posted by: Tricia | June 30, 2008

Better late than never!

Procrastination is not usually one of my faults, but having a child has definitely made me less worried about the “not so important” things in life.  Elliott is only 6 weeks away from being 1 year old, and we are just now making the finishing touches to his nursery!  We have been meaning to hang these three framed pictures over Elliott’s crib for a long time now!  David and I have always loved old things and we live in a 96 year-old house so we thought that decorating Elliott’s nursery with antique toys would be just perfect.  The tractor truck in the picture on the left was a gift from my mom.  I think she picked it up at an antique store.  The iron pick-up truck in the center picture actually belongs to David’s grandfather.  My mother-in-law and her twin sister bought it for him when they were young girls.  And, the sock monkey in the picture on the right was a gift from Janet, my mother-in-law.  She also made Elliott a sock monkey quilt before he was born.

We are very happy with the finished room and so is Elliott!  He likes to look up at the photos and point at them.



  1. I love it! Really a wonderful job. We finished Nadia’s room in October 2005 and had a party to celebrate our paperwork going to China (Since it was only going to take 6-8 months. HA HA) and it sat completed for almost 2 years.

    So we are the flip of each other 🙂

    And I put a photo on our blog last month of Mike’s truck he has had since birth that Nadia plays with now. Those are such awesome things to share.

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