Posted by: Tricia | July 7, 2008

God bless America…and corn on the cob.

On the 4th of July we enjoyed some good old-fashioned home cookin’ including hamburgers, potato salad, and corn on the cob!  It was tasty…we all agreed.  I couldn’t even get Elliott to look up at me for a smile…this is the best I could do.

Later that night we enjoyed a breezy evening out near the Trinity river and saw some beautiful fireworks.  The cooler weather was a rare treat these days in Texas!

We decided that it would be best if we didn’t try to keep Elliott awake to see fireworks, so he spent the night at his Grandma’s house while David and I went with the rest of his family.  Last year I was 8 months pregnant with him when we went to see fireworks, and I could feel him jump with each “boom”!  It made me sad that he was scared and I remember wanting to hold him and comfort him.  It’s amazing how much has changed since then!



  1. what a sweet picture!! that’s so crazy that elliott jumped in your belly with the fireworks!! awesome awesome!!! isn’t pregnancy amazing!!!

  2. Mmm…corn on the cob. We haven’t tried that with Bennett yet. I love how intent Elliott is, gnawing on that cob. Funny boy!

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