Posted by: Tricia | July 12, 2008

Rain, rain, go away!

While Luke and Krista were in town we thought it would be fun to go to the concerts in the gardens.  We were so excited because the feature for the night was the music of John Williams including Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars.  We packed up a delicious picnic dinner, said our “goodbyes” to the kids, and set out for the Botanic Gardens.  Even though dark clouds loomed overhead, we were determined to have a good time.  I mean, how many times in the last several months had the sky clouded up and threatened rain, only to prove itself a great big tease?  I was sure that the rain would pass right on by without ruining our evening.  Boy were we in for a big wet surprise!  We got there in time to set up our picnic and feast on some yummy fried chicken and potato salad.  But before we knew it…sprinkles.  Surely this is as bad as it would get.  But, alas, the sprinkles turned into drops and the drops turned into a downpour.  We darted for a nearby cluster of trees to avoid getting wet, but there was no escaping the rain!  I suggested that we wait it out, but within minutes we decided to pack up and head for drier ground.   I was disappointed, but we did hear on our way out that the show was canceled and our tickets are still good for a future Fort Worth Symphony performance this year.  Luke and Krista were such good sports about the whole thing.  Krista even remarked that she couldn’t remember the last time she and Luke had so much fun together.  Once we were home, and in dry clothes, we spent the evening talking and enjoying a glass of wine on our front porch.  Even though our night didn’t go as planned,  I don’t think there is anyone else I would have rather spent the evening with!

Luke, determined to finish his picnic dinner!

Seeking shelter under the trees

The prepared crowd…why didn’t we think of bringing an umbrella?

Even better…a freaking tent!

Making a run for it! (Luke must have drawn the short straw because he got stuck dragging the cooler behind him!)

Happy to be on drier ground!



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