Posted by: Tricia | July 16, 2008

“Dog’s” the word!

Elliott has been saying “mama” and “dada” for several months.  And, in the last few weeks we’ve started to notice that he’s actually differentiating between the two of us.  David would say that “dada” is his first word, but I argue that all kids say “dada” before anything else.  Don’t get me wrong…I think it’s really sweet that Elliott loves his dada, but from the day he started cooing at us I have wondered what his “real” first word would be.  Drum roll please……….the word is “DOG!”  That’s right…Elliott’s first…er…third word is “DOG!”  He’s actually been saying it for more than a month now, but I finally captured it on tape a few weeks ago.  From the very beginning we started labeling Maverick “dog” and I guess it finally stuck!  A few months ago it dawned on me that every time Elliott would approach Maverick or see him from his high chair he would shout “goh”.  We decided that he was trying to say “dog”.  Sure enough…”goh” evolved into “dog” and now he says it constantly!  In fact, there are lots of “dogs” around…the baboons at the zoo are “dogs” and so is his giant stuffed pony from Uncle James & Aunt Libby!  Seriously…being a parent just gets better and better, doesn’t it?

Here is Elliott’s video debut of “Dog’s” the word.  Enjoy!  I also have to mention that he normally gets reprimanded for throwing his food to the “dog”, but I let it slide for the purpose of documenting a milestone!  Oh, and check out his Texas drawl…”dog” sounds more like “DAWG!”



  1. That is TOO cute! He’s so excited about it!

    Bennett stopped playing and came over here to check out the video with me when he heard Elliott. We can’t wait to play with you tomorrow!

  2. “…every time Elliott would approach Maverick or see him from his high chair he would shout ‘goh’.”

    The Chinese word for dog is ‘gou’ which sounds like ‘goh’. I think he must have been saying the Chinese word first, but since you didn’t understand, he had to learn to say it in English.

  3. That’s so great! My neighbor’s baby said dog, but it sounded like “Dough”–wait, it still does, and she’s two! But she’s learned the dog’s name, too, which is cool. Let’s see how long it takes Elliott to get out a name like Maverick! It’s fun to see what cute names they come up with when they can’t say things. My name is infamously hard, and my neighbor’s girl calls me YiYi. I love it!

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