Posted by: Tricia | July 28, 2008

Problematic pacifer

Elliott’s new trick: Go into nursery; grab pacifier, blankie, and monkey from crib (where they belong); walk around house with them like an itty bitty baby.

I didn’t think he was attached until he started doing this….multiple times a day.

The time has come for mommy and daddy to take away the itty bitty baby pacifier.

Tonight is the big night…pray for us!



  1. So now that he can walk, he’s finally able to go get what he wants! Good luck with tonight! It’s almost 8:30…you’re either in the middle of it or just about to start!

  2. Oh, I hope your night is going well! I wish we were as brave…I fear we have waited way too long for Operation Paci Detox. I’m curious to hear how it goes!

  3. […] few of you have asked about how the pacifier weaning went.  I fully intended to post an update before now, but alas, I am guilty of procrastinating […]

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