Posted by: Tricia | July 29, 2008


Alarm clock: $14.99

Cup of Starbucks coffee: $3.50

Sleeping in: don’t count on it

Waking up to see this happy face in the morning: priceless!



  1. Hey love that color blue.. do you mind sharing what color and what brand? Thanks! One of these days we are all going to have to get together! (I am a friend of Stephs)

  2. It looks like he’s not too much worse for wear after a paci-less night. Did you and David fare as well??

  3. He’s so sweet!!!

  4. Hey Tricia! I just got caught up on all your latest blogs!! SOOO good!! I have been laughing so hard at Elliott’s knee-scoot move and your video for “The Art of Walking” really is just priceless!! He is one AMAZING kid!! Happy birthday to you both, too!! AND Happy Anniversary!! I will never forget your wedding…such a beautiful place AND I’ll never forget the bridal party dance-number!! Classic!

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