Posted by: Tricia | August 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, baby boy.

My precious baby boy,

Where do I even begin?  I cannot believe that you are already 1 year old!  It seems like just yesterday that I saw your face for the first time.  We spent the first 9 months of your life bound together by flesh and blood and yet I barely even knew you when you came into this world.  My, how far we’ve come.  I wake up every day and pinch myself because I truly am living the life that I have always dreamed of having.  You are everything I could have hoped and prayed for…and then some!

You took your first steps about a month ago and have been mostly walking to get around for the past 2 weeks.  I love the way you hold your hands up to balance yourself.  You would like to go faster, but you aren’t quite there yet, so you usually plop down to the ground and crawl the rest of the way to whatever it is you have your eye on.  Your “knee scoot” is the talk of the town!  Daddy and I take its uniqueness for granted because we are so used to seeing you do it.

You love music!  When you hear a song on the tv or on one of your toys you start bouncing up and down to the beat.  Sometimes you throw your arms up in the air and start waving them around, too.  We bought you a pair of maracas that sing and you love to shake them around.  You like to make your leapfrog table sing by spinning the spinner.  You’ll walk away to do something else and when it stops you rush over to spin it again.  I hope you’ll always love music this much because your Daddy and I sure do!

You are into everything these days!  Your favorite room to explore is the utility room.  You love to take Maverick’s food bowl and throw it on the ground because it makes a loud noise and spins around.  You love to put things in his water bowl and watch them sink or float.  I’ve got you trained not to tip the bowl over, but you still make quite a mess putting things in and taking them out of the water!  You have also discovered the doggie door in that room.  You love to open the flap and look outside.  I have a feeling one of these days I am going to catch you trying to crawl out of it.

You’re always “talking” in your own little language.  You say “mama”, “dada”, “uh-oh”, “no”, and “dog” pretty regularly.  You are so friendly!  You wave at strangers when we’re running errands and you’ve started waving when we say “bye-bye”…you do this even when we don’t wave first.  The other day when Daddy came home for lunch you smiled and waved at him without any prompting as he entered the house.  Our hearts melted!

You are such an active baby.  You would much rather be walking around moving from toy to toy than  sitting and looking at a book.  Occasionally you will bring me a book and actually spend a minute looking at the pictures with me.  Your favorite book is I Love You Through and Through.  You seem to recognize the pictures and the words because we’ve read it together so many times.  You also enjoy going to the library for story-time.  We recently checked out a book with photographs of baby animals that live in the rain forest.  You loved looking at the baby animals so much!  You kept looking at the pages and turning the book over.  I’m not sure…maybe you were looking for the rest of the animal, but it was really cute.  Every morning while you eat your breakfast we read a short story out of The Rhyme Bible.  You seem to enjoy looking at the pictures, and I hope that we can continue this tradition for a long time.

You are starting to try to crawl onto the furniture, but you aren’t quite big enough yet.  You can only manage to get one leg up onto the ottoman right now.  The other day you climbed up a slide in the play area at the mall!  I could hardly believe my eyes!  I bragged about you to all of the other mommies.

You love to put your toys into any kind of receptacle that you can find.  We have even found toys in the toilet!    You also love bringing us things that you find and hearing us say “thank you”.  Sometimes you aren’t quite sure if you want to give up what you’ve got so you’ll put it in our hand only to pull it away quickly.  I call it your “syke” move.

You are starting to get really attached to your blankie and your pacifier.  So much so, that you like to go into your nursery, get them out of your crib, and walk around with them.  It’s very cute, but I’m sorry to say, Son, we are going to start paci-detox this week.  The longer we wait the harder it is going to be to kick the habit.  You’ll thank us for it later…trust me, you dont’ want to be the kid who takes his pacifier to kindergarten.

Food…hmmm, where do I even begin?  You L-O-V-E food!  All of it!  There is not a food I put down in front of you that you won’t try.  You really like PB&J, grilled cheese, mac & cheese, broccoli, and sweet peas.  But, you could probably live on fruit alone!  Strawberries, bananas, blueberries, cherries, watermelon, nectarines, oranges, especially grapes, etc., etc….you love them all!  You also love to eat what we’re having for dinner.  You’ve had scrambled eggs, stir-fry, spaghetti, too!  I’ve never seen you turn down a sweet either.  You love cake, ice cream, and cookies.  Yesterday I stopped at a sno-cone shack on a whim just so we could share one!  I always have goldfish, saltine crackers, and fig newtons with me while we’re grocery shopping just in case you need a little snack.  Shopping for groceries is not your favorite pastime.

Sadly, I didn’t get to nurse you for your first year like I had planned on, but you survived just fine on formula.  And, as of this week, you are completely weaned to just drinking whole milk!  With that, came your desire to hold your own bottle.  You were capable of it months ago, but now you are too much of a busy-body to let me or daddy hold you while you take a bottle.  You usually finish it on your own.  Now that you are a big boy we want you to start replacing your bottles with sippy cups for milk.  I know you can do it!

You have lots of family and friends who love you so much!  Clarity is most definitely your best friend.  You two have a sweet bond because you have been around each other so much.  I love watching your face light up when you see her.  You love going over to Grandma’s house to play.  She has lots of toys and she takes very good care of you.  She and Grandpa Dave shower you with attention and he wrestles with you on the floor.  You also love going to Nonnie’s house.  She lets you play outside a lot like a big boy.  You often come home from her house with dirty hands and feet and smelling like a little boy, but I love it because I know you’ve had a great time!

You are starting to become a little more aware of strangers.  Sometimes when we’re holding you and a stranger talks to you, you will bury your head into our chest.  But, then you quickly follow with a shy grin.  It’s really sweet getting to be the one that you trust.

Boy, do you ever love your Daddy!  You love to wrestle with him on the floor and crawl all over him.  You laugh like crazy when he tickles you, and you love to hear him make up silly songs for you.  Daddy loves getting to spend one-on-one time with you on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and the nights that I go to work.  And, there is almost nothing I love more than watching you two together.  This has brought me so much more satisfaction than I ever could have imagined.

I could go on and on about how much I love being your Mommy.  Having you has definitely been challening at times, but I could not imagine my life without you!  I love getting to watch you experience the world for the first time.  I love getting to watch you grow and change every day.  Every achievement is big in our eyes; whether it’s learning to push a walker and back it up when you get stuck in a corner, or learning to walk.  We are so proud of how far you’ve come this year!  I think you are the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world and I could watch you all day long.  I love your hair, your sweet gapped-tooth smile, your “cheese” smile, and your roly-poly legs!  I may be a little biased, but I believe that you have the most beautiful big blue eyes in the world and people comment on them everywhere we go.

Daddy and I love to pray with you every night before bed.  Our prayer for you is that God will continue to reveal himself to you and that you might come to know him at an early age.  I pray that you will love him with all of your heart, mind, and soul.  Despite our imperfections as your parents, we pray that you will bring Him all of the glory that he deserves.  He loves you so much…much more than Daddy and I could ever love you.  I pray that you will never forget this.

Happy birthday, baby boy.  I can’t wait for the rest…





  1. Cute pics. Sweet post. Happy birthday sweet Elliott.

  2. So super sweet!!! Thanks for writing such a wonderful post to your sweet boy.

    Happy Birthday Elliott!

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