Posted by: Tricia | August 3, 2008

The Big ONE!

We were so excited that Elliott actually turned 1 on a Saturday because that meant that we could have his 1st birthday party on his actual birthday!  We decided months ago to have a pool party at my mom’s house.  We knew it would be hot, but we didn’t expect that it would be the hottest day of the year so far!  I think we hit 104F!!  Despite the sweltering heat I think that everyone had a great time!  I know we did!  The pool felt amazing and all of the babies had a great time splashing around in the water together!

Nathan, Elliott, & Pate (Nathan was by far the best water baby of them all!!)

After a nice long swim it was time for the Happy Birthday Song and cake, of course!

The cake…homemade by Elliott’s Grandma!

Everyone approved of the cake…mmm, mmm!

Elliott even hammed it up a little bit during the Birthday Song.  It just doesn’t get any better than this!

With temperatures as high as 104F we all tried to stay hydrated!

Elliott did lots of walking for all of his friends who hadn’t seen him in a while!

After having cake, we relaxed for a while and then it was time to open presents!  Elliott was getting pretty tired by this point, but he was a good sport and opened every last one of his gifts!  He loved them all!

Stacey made a Who Loves Elliott? book (so thoughtful!)…we’ll have to put the pictures in it right away so that we can read it together!

Really tired, but hanging on until the last gift was opened!

Elliott’s friends received personalized sippy cups (no picture, darn!), and a fun picture from the day!  Actually, the pictures need to be mailed out, but you get the point.

Aggie, Eli, Jimmy, Clarity, Bennett, Nathan, Pate, & Elliott. (The Rohloff cuties are not posted, but their pics turned out great!)

Elliott & Grandpa Dave

Grandpa Dave finally taking a moment to cool off in the pool!

David and I both agreed that we could not thank Elliott’s Grandma and Grandpa Dave enough for all that they did to make the party so wonderful.  We were able to relax and have fun with our baby boy and they took care of every last detail while we were there!  We have already decided that next year they get a break and we’ll do the hard work!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who braved the heat and came out to celebrate with us.  Elliott’s birthday was all that we could have hoped for, and then some!



  1. Yay! What cute pictures!

    Elliott’s party was so much fun. You guys did a great job! I’m so happy we were able to be there to celebrate with you.

  2. What a party!! Looks like you guys had a great time and I am sorry that we missed it.

  3. How FUN!!! That is the cutest cake ever … I am so impressed! HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY ELLIOTT!!

  4. Can you believe you have a 1 year old. Looks like the party was awesome! Elliot is so cute!

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