Posted by: Tricia | August 26, 2008

Problematic pacifier update

A few of you have asked about how the pacifier weaning went.  I fully intended to post an update before now, but alas, I am guilty of procrastinating again.  The pacifier detox went something like this…

First night: no crying, whining or complaining.  What??  Great!  That was easy…pat on the back for Mommy, Daddy, and Elliott.

First few naps without pacifier:  a bit more crying, took longer to fall asleep.  Not bad!  More pats on the back for everyone.

Day 3:  Screaming and crying for 45 minutes…not going down for nap.  Mommy searches internet for information about taking pacifiers away from one-year olds and finds that most reccommend weaning later…Great!   Not wanting to give in that easily, Mommy calls Dr. Jeff’s office (while baby is screaming in the background) for one more professional opinion.  She sits on hold for 5 minutes…which seemed like 30, finally hangs up, proceeds to the nursery to give screaming baby what he wants.  Ahh.  Silence.  Mommy wonders if she did the right thing, and thinks about how she will break the news to Daddy.  But, she is VERY happy that baby is happy and she can finally relax.

Day 3 after Daddy returns home from work:  Mommy: “I gave in and gave Elliott is pacifier today.”  Daddy: proceeds to roll his eyes and give Mommy a “I would have been in so much trouble if I had done that” look.  Mommy:  proceeds to explain all of the research she found, thus justifying her moment of weakness.

A few days later at Elliott’s 1 year check up:  Dr. Jeff recommends taking the pacifier away at 15 months.  And, he assures me that as long as we are limiting its use to bedtime that we are okay.  Great!  That gives us 3 more months of peace and quiet!  We’ll worry about it later!

So, there you have it.  I gave in during a moment of weakness…and I usually don’t.  Pacifier detox is harder than I thought!  I will definitely do more research before we decide to take it away next time.  We will probably try again when Elliott is 18-24 months when we can reason more with him.  Some say to cut the tip off the end of the pacifier so that it is no longer satisfying to suck, and explain to the child that the pacifier is broken and no longer usable.  I’ve also seen the Supernanny have the child collect all of the pacifiers in the house to give to the Pacifier Fairy.  The Pacifier Fairy comes for the pacifiers and leaves a present for the big boy or girl who donated all of their baby pacifiers!  It looks and sounds so easy….yeah…we’ll see how it goes.  Until then we continue to be thankful for the peace and quiet around here that only pacifers can bring!



  1. Oh my! Much drama, but it’s good that you know it’s okay to wait.

  2. I’m proud of you for researching and trying. My sweet baby girl is still pretty attached to hers at 3 for nap and nigh-nigh! I swore as your resident therapist I would never……ha,ha,ha….serves me right!

  3. i had blake on my lap as i was checking your blog, so i was reading it out loud to him…and i was CRACKING up! i can literally HEAR you talking as i read what you wrote!! so so funny!! blake was laughing too (i think because he was bouncing all over because i was laughing!!) GREAT post!

  4. great to meet you today! i hope you guys found something fun to do. sorry you didn’t get a tan! 🙂


  5. Your so funn! I so would have done the same thing. Tobey threw his away somewhere a couple of months before his second birthday and he never asked for it again. I was amazed it was so easy. But I think he was just ready.

  6. Hi we are friends of Chris and Stephanie’s I love reading your blog. We went through the same thing with our daughter and like you we gave in. It was just not worth all the tears. So we tried again when she was about 19 months old. I just put her down for her nap one day without it she said “mommy I want passie” I said “no all done with passie” then put all the passie I could find in the trash. I knew I would have given in again if they were all around the house. She did great she asked for it for a few days but never again after that. She does still cry at age 22 months for about 5 to 10 mins every time we put her down to sleep but I think she would just rather be awake it has nothing to do with a passie at this point. In my 22 months of parenting the best advice I can give you is do whatever works for your family!

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