Posted by: Tricia | August 30, 2008

Musical Babies

Ever since Shelley and Fancy raved about how great the TCU music class for babies was, I just knew that I wanted to get Elliott in on the action!  For Elliott’s birthday, my mom really wanted to buy us an extra convertible car seat for David’s truck, but I convinced her to get us the music class instead.  I think it is going to be well-worth it!

We all met for lunch before our first class on Tuesday, and the babies warmed up on their instruments.

Clarity on the egg shakers, Elliott on the maracas, and Nathan on the drum.

Okay, boys, I’m pretty sure the instruments are meant for playing…not eating!

The music class was so much fun!  There are 11 kids total in the class, and only 3 of them are older than Elliott, Nathan, and Clarity.  The teachers do such a great job of remembering all of the kids’ names.  One teacher played the guitar, we all sang, moved around the room, shook our egg shakers, and waved scarves around.  We each got a music book with the songs we will be learning this semester and a CD to sing along to at home.  The class is so well thought out, and is actually designed to teach kids a thing or two about music.  All of the other mommies, and daddy, are very nice.  The former “daddy” mentioned is a VIP…the conductor of the Fort Worth Symphony!

I wish I had pictures to share from our first day, but cameras are not allowed until the last week of class.  I must say that it was nice to stay focused and not worry about capturing everything on film!  So, until December, I’ll try to keep you posted without visual aides!



  1. That sounds like so much fun! I totally understand the picture-taking restrictions but I’m sad to have to wait on photos. Elliott is on his way to becoming a musical genius!

  2. I am SO SO SO happy that you guys told me about the class too. Nadia was just in toddler heaven and has been jamming to the songs every day since.

    I agree about the photos, but there is too much going on. And I was amazed that they remembered all the kids names.

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