Posted by: Tricia | September 9, 2008

Words, words, words

I think it’s about time that we start recording the words that Elliott is saying.  Every day he seems to excel in this area, and we don’t want to forget a moment of it!

At 13 months Elliott regularly says:



Ma (Mav, our dog’s name)

no ma (“want more”)

uh oh (usually after throwing something)



uh-bye (bye bye)

We’ve also heard him say or mimic (immediately after we say it):

eh whoa ( hello; while speaking into a phone)

aye (hi; paired with “dada“…another melt your heart moment)

ba (ball)

ba na na (banana)

choose (shoes)

ju (juice)

dee-dee (cookie)

And, sometimes he chooses to answer the question, “What does a cow say?” with “mmmm” (moo)

What is his favorite word, you ask???  That would be a big fat “NO!” said in a very stern tone.  Hmmm…I wonder where he heard that??  I’m working on teaching him to say “yes”.  It sounds so much nicer than, “NO!”  More on that to come…



  1. I LOVE your last two posts!! I think it’s so cute that Elliott came running to you after nursery!! Precious!! AND… you simply MUST get those sweet words he says on video!! I could just DIE!! How cute is “aye dada!” ??? I love it!

  2. Wow, he’s really upped the vocab in the last couple of weeks! So cute!

    Sounds like he’s right about on pace with B who’s only consistent animal sound is also “mmmm” for moo. I’ll not mention that my reticent son is nearly 18 months old…so far NOT taking after his mama in the talking department.

  3. I love it! Our boys are growing up so fast…and saying all the same words. They need to get together and have a chat. They can discuss “uh oh’s” and “ba bye’s”
    Anywho, have a blessed day see ya Sunday!

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