Posted by: Tricia | October 4, 2008

Doggy Door Woes

I’ve said before that Elliott’s favorite room in the house is the utility room.  Why, you ask, the utility room of all places?  It could be that there are LOTS of interesting things in there for busy little hands to play with…mops, brooms, cookbooks, water bottles, a dog bowl that makes a loud clanging noise when thrown, and a dog bowl full of water to experiment with…”hmmm, will this float or sink?”  Aren’t water bowls, brooms, mops, and water bottles way more interesting and exciting to play with than a huge basket of brightly colored toys located just a few steps away?  But, the biggest attraction to the utility room is…you got it…the doggy door!  Elliott spends a lot of time poking his head out of the flap to spy on Maverick, and he thinks it’s hilarious when Maverick jumps through the door to come inside.  His fun with the doggy door doesn’t last long these days because he has a bad habit of crawling out of it!  Silly baby.  Doggy doors are for dogs, not for kids!

Anyway, the other day I grabbed the camera while Elliott was in the act.  He quickly went from a happy little explorer to a very unhappy little guy when I wouldn’t let him crawl outside!



  1. Oh! That 4th pic with Elliott peeking out from the doggy door is just about the cutest thing ever!! Perfect for his rehearsal-dinner-slide-show when he gets married!! I often think in terms of the rehearsal-dinner-slide-show potential pics! Ha! It looks like he is really throwing a fit over not going outside!! What a face!! Precious little face! Makes me want to snuggle him!!

  2. Those are too funny! I was truly laughing out loud. We miss you guys. Up for a play date later this week?

  3. Oh I can just hear him fussing…he’s telling us all what a mean mama you are!

    It’s awesome that you documented that (aren’t you glad we are parenting in the digital age?). So cute!

  4. that last pic is priceless!

  5. I just love that photo progression! Awesome!

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