Posted by: Tricia | October 8, 2008

Proud parents

Before Elliott I didn’t quite understand what a big deal all of the firsts were.  I mean…walking, talking, first tooth, first day of school, riding a bike…yeah, I got that.  Those are a really big deal, and I can understand a parent’s excitement over those things.  But, it wasn’t until I became a parent that I started to understand just how many firsts there are to celebrate!  Every day we celebrate a new first with Elliott.  There are things he does for the first time that would go unnoticed by someone who only sees him every so often, but because we see him most moments of his life, we notice everything.  Like the first time he said “bye-bye” to his daddy umpromted because he noticed that he was making his way to the door.  Or, the first time he picked up a book and said its title without being promted.  Or, the first time I asked him to go get his ball…and he did it!  Amazing!  And, he thinks he can get away with a blank stare when we say “no!”??  Stacey and I were talking yesterday and she said that she and Jeff often marvel at how everything must be learned.  Now, I totally understand how cool it is when your child even attempts to put a puzzle together…even if they get it all wrong.  Because yesterday they didn’t even know what to do with the pieces!  Every day is new and exciting.

Side note:  Being a parent has also opened my eyes to understanding our relationship with God, our heavenly father, a bit more.  How much more must he marvel at his creation…us…when we do things that make him proud?  I could go on and on about the similarities he has shown me, but that is another topic for another time!

Here is a “first” that David and I could not be prouder to show off;  Elliott’s first finger painting and first crayon drawing.  The finger painting was done at Parents’ Day Out and it is laminated!  How nice is that?  And, the crayon drawing was done at home…I just wish I had thought to take pictures while he was coloring.  It could have been that I was too busy trying to keep him from eating the crayons.

Anyway, here they are!  The kid’s got talent, don’t you think?

(Elliott: blue & green)

(Mommy: purple)


  1. Quite the artist!

    It is so fun to make note of each and every first. I’m amazed at how much they learn and grow in the span of a short few months. Incredible!

    Oh, and we have a crayon eater too. Watch out…if he gnaws off a few good chunks they’ll show up in the diaper just as bright and colorful as when they went in. It can be startling.

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