Posted by: Tricia | October 8, 2008

Sweet Surprises

Last week Elliott received two sweet surprise gifts from friends.  Shelley and (big) Elliott (and no, Elliott is not named after Elliott C., we met them after we gave him his name…about 16 weeks into the pregnancy!) recently spent the night in Dallas and went to Victory park.  They are huge Mavs fans like we are, and they were sweet enough to bring Elliott a souvenir t-shirt.  Clarity has the same t-shirt in pink…we will definitely be taking their picture together soon!  Thanks, guys!  We will get lots of use out of this gift!

By the way, the Mavs had their first pre-season game of the season and beat the Wizards 108-82.  GO MAVS!  I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that Elliott happened to be wearing his t-shirt that day…none whatsoever…because we’re not superstitious about sports or anything.

And, our friends, Luke & Julie in Oklahoma (hi Julie!  I know you’re out there!), sent us this precious blanket.  It was a sweet surprise and Elliott absolutely adores it!  He has a tiny blankie that he sleeps with, and this one is quickly becoming a hit, too!

Awww…sweet surprises for a sweet baby!



  1. Aww…cute pictures. That last one is awesome!

    We have a similar blanket (in blue) from Luke and Julie and it is Bennett’s FAVORITE. It is so wonderfully soft/silky/cuddly. He can’t sleep without it.

    BTW…is Julie really out there?? Come out of hiding and say hello if you’re lurking around!

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