Posted by: Tricia | October 14, 2008

One of these things…

…is not like the other.

I wonder if the cow is wondering where his peeps are?

Apparently the Little People, not the animals, are the ones that needed a ride that day.  Have I mentioned how much fun it is seeing the world through the eyes of a 14-month-old??


  1. I wonder what it says that my initial reaction was that the guy in the hat wasn’t like the others.

    Of course the cow belongs in the tractor, he’s a cow, he lives on a farm. And Eddie (Eddie’s the one with the yellow hair, right?) is always going somewhere and the girl (I want to say that’s Sonya Lee but I could just be making that up) has a cat, so why shouldn’t she be driving the tractor. But the guy in the hat and wearing a tie why’s he there? I think he’s the one who doesn’t belong.

  2. So cute! I love that you took notice of that and decided to take a picture.

    And Ruth Ann’s response cracked me up! Now that I look again the guy in the suit does seem a bit out of place…

  3. First, the picture made me laugh. The cow has a bit of a dazed expression. like, “How did I get here??”

    Then, Ruth Ann’s comment made me laugh even harder! Too funny….

  4. […] time pushing this thing around.  And, the Little People also fit in this sweet ride making your toddler’s carpooling combinations practically […]

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