Posted by: Tricia | October 24, 2008


Call us crazy, but we did it!  The Yorks and Welches stuck it out and we actually survived camping with a crawler and a toddler!  It was a whirlwind of a trip…we left Saturday morning and came back Sunday afternoon, but we had a great time!  The weather was perfect, the babies were filthy, and the company was good.  I do wish we had more time to hike and see the beautiful scenery at Turner Falls, but I think one night was enough for our first time camping as a family of three!  Thank you, York family, for being brave enough to “rough it” with us!  We look forward to doing it again soon!

Here are some pictures from the trip…lots of them!

All packed up and ready to go!  It’s amazing how much stuff we took for a 24 hour trip!

We’re here!

Five minutes after arriving at our campsite Eli settled in.  Words for the wise…do not go camping if you don’t like dirt.

This tent is awesome!

Our humble abode.

The York Family: Rebecca, Jared, Eli, and Maggie.

The Welch Family

I have never seen a happier baby than Eli!  He is too precious for words!

Uh…that looks a little too risky to me.

Cool…more dirt!

My new favorite picture…isn’t he beautiful?

Eli was very interested in how the sand tasted.

The pack ‘n’ play came in handy when we needed a place to put these guys.  They wrestled…and Eli, the 7 month old, won.

Pots and pans provided endless entertainment for Elliott.

There’s nothing like having your breakfast outdoors next to the campfire.

Little buddies.

Making doughboys – a delicious treat recommended by a friend. (thanks for all of your help, Laurie!)

There he is again…the happiest boy in the world!

Both babes were asleep by the end of our walk!

So sweet.

With friends…we love you, York Family!



  1. That looks great! We’re hoping to go camping with Caleb, too. Jon’s first camping trip was when he was 3 months old! I want to know more about the doughboys…they look like they could be good!

  2. Ya’ll are so brave. It looks like it was an awesome trip! I grew up in Ardmore and we used to swim at Turner Falls every summer. I have never been camping there though-we might have to do that=)

  3. You guys are awesome!!

    I’m proud/jealous. Looks like such a fun time and great weather too! Those pictures make me really miss camping…eating by the fire, hiking, just sitting and talking outside. So fun!

    Can we go with you next time??

  4. What fun! Todd and I have been talking about doing that for several months. Glad you braved it first. I’ll call you for pointers! Totally agree with the new favorite picture. He IS beautiful! Miss you!

  5. I am so glad that you guys went! And I just love all the photos. And I totally understand the new fav photo. That one is Christmas card worthy!

  6. Looks like you all had a good time. I enjoyed your pictures. Our family has many wonderful memories around camping. I’m glad the little ones did good and yes, dirt is totally a part of the picture! But dirt never hurt anyone, right? Glad you enjoyed the doughboys—good stuff.

  7. I wouldn’t say CRAZY but I would say BRAVE!! I cannot get over all the STUFF you had to bring!! Exhausting I’m sure – but clearly well worth the hassle!! I’m DYING over the pics of Eli and Elliott sleeping after the walk! That is too too cute and funny!! Awesome post Tricia!! Did you know – I have NEVER been camping in my whole life?

  8. […] kid doesn’t love playing in a tent?  Just for fun…here is a picture of Elliott on his first camping trip when he was 14 months […]

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