Posted by: Tricia | October 29, 2008

The Eagle Eye

Every day Elliott astounds and surprises us by the things he says and does.  It is so amazing to watch him learn new words and begin to use them spontaneously.  I know he is just a normal little boy, but we are in awe…seriously…I probably tell him “you’re so smart” 50 times a day!  Lately his eagle eye vision has caught us off guard on more than one occasion.

We are still working on learning animal sounds and he recently learned to “roar” like a lion.  Now he sees lions everywhere and “roars” at them.  Here is a lion that we see several times a week while walking to our neighborhood park.

A few weeks ago we were at Taco Bueno and Elliott let out one of his “roars”.  David and I were in the middle of a conversation, but I happened to look up and see that he was actually “roaring” at a tiny stone head of a lion embedded in the wall.  Smart boy!

A duck = “quack-quack” in our house.  (See this post to hear how Elliott says “quack-quack”)  And, apparently anything with a beak-like nose is a “quack-quack”, too.

Like…the swan planter down the street that is also on our way to the park.  I have never even noticed this thing, but Elliott the eagle-eyed, baby saw it!

This puzzle piece is also a “quack-quack”.  Now that I think about it, it does look a lot like a duck!

I don’t have a picture of it, but there is a billboard down the street with a cartoon blue bird advertising a local carwash.  Elliott exclaims “quack-quack” almost every time we stop in front of it.

We are not cat people.  We are dog people.  I guess it shows because Elliott’s first word was dog and he just now, at nearly 15 months old, learned to say “ki-ki” or kitty.  He sees them everywhere now!  Cats are fairly mysterious and great at hiding in the bushes, but they can’t hide from Elliott the eagle-eyed baby.  He makes sure that we know about all of the “ki-kis” when we’re out for a walk.  Yesterday morning he spied this “ki-ki”.  I told him that there wasn’t a kitty on the box.  But, when I got out my gigantic magnifying glass to take a closer look I stood corrected…again.  Can you see it?

Just in case you can’t…this “ki-ki” made an appearance in this post a few weeks ago.

Do you see it now?  There is a tiny “ki-ki” in the arms of the girl on the tricycle.  Of course…why you can practically see it from across the room.

If you didn’t know better you would think that we are raising a regular Bostonian based on the way Elliott says “car”.  “Cahs” are all around us, people!  And, Elliott will be the first to let you know…over and over and over again while riding in the car.  But, not all cars are “cahs”…just semis, buses, ambulences, mail trucks, fire trucks, UPS trucks, etc.  I started to notice that Elliott was only saying “cah” when he would see a large vehicle, and I couldn’t understand why.  I would politely correct him…”Yes baby, that’s a truck!”  It wasn’t until we were playing with his “cars” one day that I realized why he thinks trucks are cars!  Poor kid…it must be so confusing when your mother tells you that these are cars…

…and then when you actually see one of them in real life, it’s a truck!???  I think it’s time for us to buy this kid some hot wheels!



  1. Impressive! Elliott IS an observant and super-smart boy! I’d bet he has more words than his 19 month old friend Bennett.

    I love your illustrated account of his observation skills. What a great way to document this stage.

    Love you guys!

  2. Oh my gosh! Too cute. You know, that picture of just his eyes rocks!!! What happened to Movie Monday???

  3. I adore this post! The photo of his eyes to start is awesome!

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