Posted by: Tricia | November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat?

A few months ago I began looking online for the perfect Halloween costume for Elliott.  My criteria:  something that he could wear whether it was 40 degrees or 90 degrees outside, and preferably something that still looked like what it was supposed to be with or without a hat.  As cute as all of the furry animal costumes are, let’s face it…they are stinkin’ hot and they almost always come with a hat or a hood!  It was nearly 80 degrees here last Halloween so I didn’t even dress our 2 month old Elliott in his chili pepper bunting.  And, I can’t even get him to keep a hat long enough for me to snap a picture, so I didn’t want him walking around wearing an anonymous animal suit with a missing head.

I found the cutest old fashioned golfer costume for a great price, but after reading parent reviews and the “no returns policy” I got scared that it wouldn’t fit and that I would be out $30 and still have to spend money to get him something else.

So, we decided to be frugal and dress Elliott up as a farmer.  He already owns a pair of overalls, a plaid shirt, a red bandanna for his back pocket, and a cowboy hat that could hang down his back.  Plus, he knows so many animal sounds…it was perfect!  But, we still needed to find a pair of cowboy boots…I know a farmer doesn’t have to wear cowboy boots, but I was dead set on finding a pair.  Easy enough, right?  I looked everywhere…ebay, craigslist, online stores, etc, but everything was too expensive or not what I was looking for.  I finally found a friend who loaned us a pair…the right color, the right size…they were so cute!  But, I could not manage to sqeeze my wide-footed baby’s feet into them.  It was something about the angle of the boots…I couldn’t quite get his foot to turn that corner at the bottom.  Ugh!  How frustrating!

Then, with less than a week to go, my mom offered to make a costume for Elliott.  I went to the fabric store for some inspiration and got some!

Meet Dr. Elliott Welch!

My mom sewed the scrubs in a matter of hours (she’s amazing!), we already owned a pair of crocs, and I snagged a surgical mask and hat from work (yeah, the hat didn’t go over well…I think I managed to get one (bad) picture of him in it)  It did look super cute though!  I got him a doctor’s kit and to top it off, his Grandpa Dave whipped up an awesomely authentic badge!  You can’t see it in this picture, but it reads “Dr. Elliott Welch, Pediatrics Neurosurgery” (yikes!) It even has the official Baylor Health Care System logo at the top!

Interesting side note:   My mom dressed me up as a nurse for my first Halloween…hmmm…maybe there’s something prophetic about Elliott going as a doctor.  We’ll just have to wait and see!

On Thursday we met up with our Moms’ group at the Kimbell for a costume dress rehearsal.  It was such a beautiful morning and the kids had the best time running free in the yard!

Roman, Eli, Nadia, & Elliott


Mickey Mouse

The World’s Cutest Monkey!  I thought Nadia looked so cool in her shades!

A Notre Dame linebacker!

And, Dr. Welch!

Louanne managed to get a decent picture of Elliott wearing his surgical cap…doesn’t he look the part?

Friday morning Elliott went to Mothers’ Day Out while I got things ready around the house for our Tykes for Treats Halloween party.  They weren’t allowed to wear costumes, but we tried to be festive anyway!

I arrived a little early to pick him up so that I could be at their class party!

The pumpkin muffins were a hit!

The kids also got to decorate their pumpkins with stickers. (They painted them with purple sponge paint earlier during the day) It was Elliott’s first time to play with stickers and he knew just what to do!

That evening we hosted a small party for the little ones and their parents and then went trick or treating around the neighborhood.

I had so much fun planning the menu…everything was so festive!  We served mini caramel apples, ghost-shaped PB&J sandwiches, festive halloween iced cupcakes, mummy dogs (yum!), and a skeleton veggie tray with brain dip!

Before we headed out into the neighborhood we lined the kids up for a quick photo.  I was so impressed that they all sat still long enough for us to get a few good pictures!

Elijah, Nadia, Eli, Elliott, Clarity, & Roman

In last year’s Halloween post I described what a big deal trick or treating is in our neighborhood.  And, things have not changed!  Our neighbor said that one year he handed out one piece of candy to each trick or treater, and by the end of the night he had given away 3,600 pieces of candy!  I’m not kidding people…Halloween is a BIG deal in this neighborhood!

Elliott was such a good trick or treater.  He rode in the wagon without complaining and loved walking up to houses to retrieve his sweets!

We saw a lot of interesting costumes while we were out!

Here is a guy who created his suit of armor with a bunch of old CD’s!  Awesome!

And, how cute is this family!  Nadia LOVES The Cat in the Hat and she kept saying “cat hat” over and over again.  They were nice enough to pose with her for a photograph and she wanted to follow them around the rest of the night.

We also saw a little boy dressed as a chef walking his weenie dog dressed as a lobster.  Ha ha!  And, among the masses of people John and Cindy McCain stood out!  The guy even had his shoulders hunched up so his arms looked kind of gimpy…hee hee.

Here is Elliott checking out some of the crazy costumes along the way!

We let Elliott have a sucker…mmm…he knew just what to do with it!

The city blocks traffic from the busiest street in our neighborhood so it was fun to let Elliott wander the sidewalks and streets without having to worry about cars.  He looked like such a big boy!

Our little group of kiddos lasted about an hour and then we headed home!

We ended the night by hanging out with friends on the front porch and passing out our own share of candy…in case you were wondering, 200 pieces lasted us about an hour!  And, to top off an already perfect weekend, our little doctor slept in until 9:00 a.m.!!!!!!


  1. Totally awesome post!! We had a wonderful time with you guys and look forward to it in the future. And man Nadia just loves that Cat in the hat photo.

    I am also entertained that your mom dressed you as a nurse your first Halloween. I wonder…….

  2. GREAT post Tricia!! What a perfect costume! Ya’ll look so great and your neighborhood is awesome!! How festive! That Elliott is such a heartbreaker!! I also love the “Bye Daddy” video!

  3. I have so much to say!

    1. CUTEST doctor EVER!! He really looks just like a doc just shrunken down. Great job mom and grandma! I love it!!

    2. Does he look a lot like Luke in that picture with the pumpkin at school?

    3. Love the pirate shirt and orange pants…E is stylin’!

    4. What a fabulous party! All of the details are so cute, Trish! Sad we weren’t there to prtake in the mummy dogs and adorable cupcakes.

    5. Your neighborhood…wow. That’s crazy. But fun!

    6. Love you guys!

  4. Very cute doctor. Dr. Elliot has a nice ring to it. I am so jealous of your neighborhood. That sounds like so much fun. We should definitely go to the zoo this month. I know Tobey will be up for it again! When is a good time for you?

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