Posted by: Tricia | November 4, 2008

15 months!


I can’t believe our baby boy is 15 months old!  It seems like the older he gets, the faster time goes by!  Elliott had his 15 month check up today.  He is still hanging out around the 50th percentile for weight, but the big news is that he’s finally made it to the 50th percentile for height, too!  Whoo hoo!  I’ve been keeping track of his growth and posting it here on the blog.

Elliott ran around the exam room like a wild man while Dr. Jeff discussed his preferred method for disciplining at this age…time out in the play pen.  He also encouraged us to do time out in the car seat when Elliott needs it when we’re out and about.  I have never heard of that, but I’m interested to see how it goes.  David and I are anxious to start, but we’re also nervous about it working.  Pray for us!

He scored an A+ on his exam and laughed at Dr. Jeff when he felt around on his belly and listened to his heart.  Silly boy.  He was a big fan of the exam table and kept asking to get up on it.  He cried and cried over the three shots he received, but left the doctor’s office a happy boy despite them.

Because we’ve hit another milestone age I thought I would do an update on Elliott’s words.  He really has learned a lot since this last word post less than 2 months ago!



Mav (he’s learned to add the ‘v’ at the end of the word now)

mo (more – this is also the word he has always said for “milk”)

uh oh

No! (now he shakes his head while saying “no” when he doesn’t want something…it’s so cute!)



bawl (ball)

ba ba (banana)

shees (shoes)

ca ca (cracker)


cuh cuh (cookie)

ki-ki (kitty)

dow (down)

qua qua (his word for duck)



ca (car)

choo choo

wee (read)


buh boh (bubbles)

ice (lights)

ous (outside)

nigh-nigh (night-night…he usually only says this when asked if he’s ready to go night-night)

pay (play…usually when we arrive at the park)

baby (the word he uses when he sees a photograph…of anyone!  It started when we would say “baby” when he was looking at a picture of some babies on our refrigerator…and now he associates all pictures with “baby”!)

ot (hot – or the word he uses for egg…you know, because the egg is always hot!)

dis (this)

wee (when swinging or going down a slide)

oz (Oswald…when he wants to watch tv)

He also answers the questions…

What does a cow say?  Moo

What does a duck say?   Qua qua

What does a sheep say?  Baaa

What does a lion say? Raar!

What does a monkey say?  Oo Oo

Who made you?  Gah (God)

Most of the time he will repeat words, new or familiar, when asked to say them, but this list is just the words that he will say spontaneously.  We sure are proud of our talking, growing, 15 month-old boy!



  1. Oh my goodness he is a man of many words! Very impressive vocabulary he has going on! I love that silky blonde hair too!

  2. That Elliott boy is cute AND smart! He’s double trouble.

    Did I tell you that we used the pack n play time out a few months ago? I only did it for touching the oven at first (because he would OPEN it and reach in!) but three “time out” session over two days did the trick for that.

    Now I’ve started doing time out sitting in a chair. Surprisingly he actually stays there until I get him down, even while throwing a fit about being punished/not getting his way.

  3. I love all the words!!! That is so awesome.

  4. he’s adorable and talking up a storm!

    loved the halloween costume!

    and so glad you enjoyed the pepper steak…easy, huh??


  5. […] has been a talker from the start. He said his first word at 10 months and the floodgates opened. At 15 months I counted that he knew 33 words, plus he could recite the answer to the first catechism and 5 […]

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