Posted by: Tricia | November 9, 2008

Goodbye Sweet Friends


On Tuesday night we said “goodbye” to some of our dearest friends, the Carman family.  (Big) Elliott took a job in Arkansas, and before we knew it we were planning a going away party and eating our last meal with them.

We were introduced to the Carmans when Shelley and I were both about 4 months pregnant.  We had just found out that we were pregnant with a boy, and they had just found out they would be having a girl.  What a coincidence it was that we had just named our baby Elliott!

Although Clarity’s due date was 3 days before Elliott’s, he was born first, two weeks early.  Always polite and punctual, Clarity arrived on her due date!  The babies were first introduced to each other about 4 weeks later.

It was love at first sight!


It wasn’t long before Shelley and I were making plans to get the kids together again.  Our first play date was at the Kimbell on the lawn.  We had the best time watching the babies marvel at the trees blowing in the wind, and we especially enjoyed the much needed mommy talk!




Elliott and Clarity shared many firsts along the way.  They visited their first pumpkin patch together during their first autumn.


They also spent their first Halloween together!


Other boys tried to win her heart…


…but it always belonged to Elliott!



As if it were a race with many lead changes, Elliott and Clarity took turns passing different developmental milestones.  Elliott got his first tooth long before Clarity’s made an appearance, but Clarity learned to crawl first.  It wasn’t long before Elliott took his first steps…and Clarity and Ms. Shelley were there to witness it!  Clarity got up and walked not long after.



Both babies loved spending time at the other one’s house.  They each felt right at home and knew where to find all the best toys!


These two shared many meals…




…and even a bath!


They celebrated their first birthdays within two weeks of each other, and didn’t miss out on any of the partying!


Elliott and Clarity shared their first kiss at Clarity’s birthday party!


Shelley and I often took turns getting the kids together to play so that they could see each other.  When they would see one another their faces would light up in a way that would melt your heart if you witnessed it.






Clarity, we love everything about you…from your love of books, to your spunky personality…from your sweet smile, to your love of music…from the extensive list of signs you know, to your love of monkeys…from your sweet curls to the way that you loved Elliott…we love it all…and we are going to miss you so much!



Thank you for being such a good friend to Elliott.  We hope and pray that your friendship will go on for years!  Until we see you again soon, you are in our hearts and prayers!




  1. What a precious walk down memory lane. So many cute pictures of Elliott and Clarity!

    I’m sorry that your sweet friends are moving so far away. I know you will miss them.

  2. UGH! Even I want to cry that your sweet Clarity is moving away!! I don’t even know her!! That post is so sad and I am very sad they are moving! It’s always hard to have a dear friend move away! Especially such a special playdate!

  3. Tricia, this is such a sweet post.

  4. Tricia – this post made me cry, but in a good way. We will miss the Carman’s too. I love all the photos of the kiddos together.

  5. […] We are so thankful that our dear friends, the Carmans, have moved back to Texas! At last, we are reunited…and with twice as many kids now! They […]

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