Posted by: Tricia | November 10, 2008

Movie Monday

Elliott recently starting dancing when he hears music of any kind, and I decided that I had better get video of it before it was too late.  You see, just like all of his other irresistibly cute quirks (i.e. baby coos, the knee scoot), they are here today…and gone tomorrow!  I hope he practices this one for quite a while because we just can’t get enough of it!  Enjoy…and do a little dance if you feel inspired!

The Dance



  1. I LOVE it! The footwork is impressive, I must say!

    Bennett enjoyed the video too. He is sitting on my lap begging for “moe!” so I’m going to have to replay it for him.

  2. Ok, we seriously just watched that five times in a row.

  3. Great video!! He’s such a little cutie with his feet going so fast!

    I noticed some fun toys in your living room….maybe you could do a post about your favorite toys for boys this age? My nephew is 9 months, and I wanted to get him a Christmas gift he’d use for awhile. Your post of favorite baby items greatly influenced my baby registry. I’m all about the personal recommendations! 🙂

  4. (So far)….this is my favorite movie monday. This was great, Tricia, thanks for sharing!!!!

  5. That is sooo awesome! He’s own his way to stardom! I laughed and laughed.


  6. oh my oh my!! what a GREAT dancer!! He’s got some moves!!

  7. Oh so cute!! I can’t wait to show it to Nadia tomorrow. She will feel the bond between them 🙂

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