Posted by: Tricia | November 15, 2008



Is this for real?  David and I literally rewound and re-watched the commercial advertising this new monstrosity from KFC the other night.

KFC’s description of the new Fully Loaded Box Meal:

The KFC Original Recipe Fully Loaded Box Meal brings all your favorites together for an over-the-top concert of flavor. Each box is jammed with two Original Recipe Strips pressure-cooked in the Colonel’s famous 11 herbs and spices, plus an Original Recipe Snacker, your choice of a drumstick or thigh, 2 individual homestyle sides, a famous KFC freshly-made biscuit and 32 oz drink. Man that’s a lot of food! (Subject to availability)

I did a little research and found out that this hefty dish will wipe out about 1200 of your daily allotted calories…and that doesn’t include the 32 oz fountain drink that comes with it.  Add those points up and you get a grand total just shy of 1600 calories!   And we wonder why 2 out of every 3 Americans are overweight.



  1. That is ONE meal? I was thinking this was to share with a family of at least, I don’t know, 12????

  2. Tricia, this is perhaps the most controversial post you’ve ever posted. Let’s not blame the good folks at KFC for the fatty Americans. While you see a “monstrosity,” others like myself see a good value. At least when you look at it, you know you are going to OD on calories. It is the silent killers like Penne Rustica at Macaroni Grill that getcha. It has about the same nutritional value, but with a much less offensive presentation.

    So I salute the Colonel on this one; he’s just giving people what they want.

  3. Seriously! I just want the macaroni-n-cheese and french fries-)

  4. Whoa! But not surprising anymore. That photo just makes my heart hurt (almost literally) becuase of all the MSG. KFC even puts MSG in their green beans. Such an unsafe place for me. Hee hee!

  5. Maybe for the whole family…?

  6. That is a very funny post because Bryce and I just last weekend saw that commercial and rewound it to watch it again. Our concern was not with the calorie count, but with the marketing of Guitar Hero. What the heck does GH have to do with eating a bunch of fatty chicken? Why is this particular meal brought to you by GH? The whole concept is clearly ill advised.

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