Posted by: Tricia | November 18, 2008

Good Riddance!


The Welch house had a most unwelcome visitor…a nasty stomach bug that has been making its rounds, reaking havoc on whomever it pleases!  I have a suspicion that the little bug jumped on board Elliott at Mother’s Day Out on Friday… and the rest is history.  My mom and Dave graciously agreed to babysit him Saturday night so that David and I could enjoy a night out with friends, and Elliott was generous enough to share the bug with them, too.  (Of course, it had time to incubate and didn’t hit my mom until she arrived in New England for a business trip.  Nice.  There’s nothing like spending an entire night alone in a hotel room sick as a dog.)  In an effort not to leave anyone out, he shared with his 83 year-old great-grandparents as well.  Don’ worry, I will not be documenting every illness that we share as a family, but this one had to go down in the books.  Finding my baby covered from head to toe in his own vomit for the first time is a sight I will never forget.  But, oh how I love being a mommy…even when it means picking regurgitated bits of last night’s dinner out of his hair at 5 o’clock in the morning.

We’re still feeling a little weak and worn out, but I think we’ve seen the last of that nasty little stomach bug!  Good riddance!


  1. Um…thanks for the graphic picture! LOL

    I’m so sorry you guys were all sick. That is NO FUN. How long did it last?

    Hope everyone is feeling happy and hearty after a good night’s rest!

  2. I’m so sorry that you all had this. That being said…the picture cracked me up!

    I hope everyone gets back on their feet soon. We need to get the boys together to play…after all this is gone, of course ;).

  3. I am so sorry girl! I know where your coming from and it is not fun. I am glad y’all are doing better.

  4. Tricia!!!! I don’t know what it is about this year – but that stomach bug is some sort of MONKEY VIRUS!! We got it at our house, and passed it along to my husband’s ENTIRE family (no joke) and it got worse with each person. THEN back home in Texas, my sister, her hubbie, and her baby got it and passed it along to MY parents!!! Again – gaining momentum with each person it affected!! I have never seen anything like it!!! Poor you!! I’m so sorry you have been sick!! LOVE the pumpkin pic though!! Get well soon!

  5. That is so sad, but I am glad that you guys are feeling better. I feel so bad for little ones when they puke becuase they don’t know what’s going on.

    And the photo is cute!

  6. UGHHHH….we are on day 4 passing it from family member to family member. I am in the process of bleaching anything that will sit still long enough. AND….baby shampoo just does not do the job for last night’s dinner!

    and, yes, it IS a funny picture!

  7. […] It seems Elliott can’t catch a break these days.  He hadn’t even recovered from the nasty stomach bug when not one….not two…but THREE molars cut through his gums!  So, what better way to […]

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