Posted by: Tricia | November 21, 2008

A Few Favorites

When Lydia asked me to write a post sharing some of Elliott’s favorite toys my first thought was that Elliott doesn’t even really like toys that much. Why is it that kids, at this age, are drawn to a simple kitchen bowl and a wooden spoon over brightly painted toys with every bell and whistle possible? But, after giving it some thought, I decided to follow through with her request. I mean, what better time to do a post about Elliott’s favorite toys than a month before Christmas? I’m afraid this list isn’t quite as long as my last baby favorites post….afterall, it’s the simple things in life that Elliott adores!

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table

I start with this for the most obvious reason….it is most definitely Elliott’s favorite toy.  Stephanie graciously loaned it to us before he could even walk and he still plays with it everyday!  Now that’s a great toy, people!  If you don’t have one…get one!  It is the perfect gift for a boy or girl! 



Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy

This puppy used to live at my mom’s house….but then one day she got sneaky and sent it home with us because “Elliott just loves it so much!”.  Or could it have been because this thing is ANNOYING!  Well, either way, Elliott does love this little puppy.  He gets a goofy grin on his face when he sees it and he loves to give it hugs.  Other than the fact that the puppy’s voice gets on my nerves, I will also add that it is super sensitive.  We keep it in a storage ottoman in our living room and it has a bad habit of talking to itself for no particular reason…which is really freaky late at night when you’re home alone and in the other room.


LeapFrog Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum

Elliott received this as a birthday gift from Laura.  He seems to play with it more now that he’s a bit older.  Plus, David and I think it’s fun to play with, too!


Playskool Fun Tunes Tractor

Let me start off by saying that I’m not quite sure why lists this toy priced at $95.99???  That’s a bit steep.  My mom picked this up at a kids’ resale shop and I’m pretty sure she didn’t pay anything close to that.  Anywho, this toy is awesome!  Each character says something when placed into the tractor.  If Old McDonald ends up in the back seat he says “Uh oh…I can’t drive!”  And, if an animal ends up in the driver’s seat he says the same.  So cute!  It also plays music.  Elliott has the best time pushing this thing around.  And, the Little People also fit in this sweet ride making your toddler’s carpooling combinations practically endless!


Playskool Busy Ball Popper

I first saw this toy at Bennett’s house and loved it! We got one for Stephanie & Chris’s little boy and they, in turn, got on for Elliott! It’s a great toy for curious little minds. Just how do those balls float in the air like that?? Plus, it’s so much fun to see how many different objects one can fit down inside of the shoot! Sadly, we are down to just 2 out of the 5 balls that it comes with. The culprit: Maverick the plastic ball devouring dog.


 Wooden Puzzles

Every kid has to have a good set of wooden puzzles…don’t you agree?  We received an assortment of these as a gift before Elliott was even born and a few more for his first birthday.  When he was much younger I would put them in front of him to help him work on his pincer grasp.  Then, when he was a bit older, the simple pieces were great for teaching him the names of the animals.  Now, he loves to put the pieces where they go!  I can still remember how excited I was when he started to grasp the concept of puzzles!  We don’t actually have the one in the picture below,  but I have seen them at Target and Mardel’s recently.  We own several Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles.


Fisher Price Little People Build ‘n Fun Playground

Elliott and I play with these every day.  These blocks are perfect for 1-2 year olds because they are easy to hold and easy to snap into place.  He is also a big fan of knocking over the towers that his daddy works so hard to build.  And, he LOVES to put the blocks back into the box! 


Baby Einstein Baby Noah DVD

We received this as a gift before Elliott was born but I completely forgot about it until the other day.   This DVD is great!  I love the way the ark travels from region to region and show what types of animals live in each.  The puppet shows in between each segment are also a big hit!  Elliott watches, mesmorized, and occasionally lets out an “ooh” or an “ahh” when he sees something he likes!  This movie gets a “thumbs up” from the Welches!



I thought about adding some of Elliott’s favorite books, but quickly decided that there are too many!   Stay tuned for a post all about books!

Well, that concludes my post on Elliott’s favorite toys.  Happy shopping, everyone!  Feel free to comment with some of your favorite toys, too.  I’m all ears!


  1. Thanks for the list. We are starting to shop for Christmas and I need a couple more things for Pate. I am looking at getting the Clipe Creativity Table. It has gotten really good reveies. Let me know what great ideas you guys are thinking of!

  2. That learn and groove was just the best for Nadia. I moved it upstairs last month as she is done with it now. She just adored that thing for so long and now it’s been just sitting.

    She loves books and her peg games that we bought at the homeschool bookfair. Wooden puzzles rules with her too. She got the band in a box by Melissa and Doug for her birthday and digs on that with all her other instruments.

  3. oh you are just so perfect!! I am totally going to use this for christmas ideas for blake!! seriously – you are brillant and oh so helpful to us moms who have a kiddo just behind elliott’s age!! thank you thank you thank you for posting this! we have a few of the toys you listed (you’re RIGHT about that music table! we use it everyday!!) you have so many great ideas on here!!!

  4. Hooray!! Thank you!! We got the Learn N Groove table as a shower gift; I registered for it because of the fun videos of Elliott–you can tell he loves it!

    I’ll keep this list in mind for my nephew, too. His first birthday is coming up soon, so I think these will be great!

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