Posted by: Tricia | December 2, 2008

Tell everyone you know…

…to check out Very Funny T-Shirts!  Afterall, Christmas is right around the corner and you might find just what you’ve been looking for!








All proceeds benefit the Welch family 😉

Friends and family, you can ignore this. It’s an old post anyway, so you probably won’t even see it. I’m just adding some content for reasons I can explain to you if you really want to know. Very Funny T-Shirts is a new up and coming funny t-shirt shop that you have to check out. All of their designs are completely original, and designed by their own in house designer. They specialize in funny t-shirts about dinosaurs and animals, politics, geek t-shirts, bad grammar and spelling t-shirts, funny saying and slogan t-shirts and alot more. They’re a ton of fun. They add new t-shirts every week, so you should check back as often as possible. They’re bound to have something fun you’d like to wear! Check out my Funny T-Shirts page on our blog. And, take a look at some Funny Pirate T-Shirts and Reviews while you’re at it.



  1. These are very funny… that David on the website? I SWEAR it looks just like him in the “This could be you” section.

  2. These are so cute!!!

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