Posted by: Tricia | December 5, 2008

Climber Monkey

David and I have dubbed Elliott our little “Climber Monkey”.  It seems that he has finally caught the “climbing bug” and has recently started trying to climb on everything around!  Poor little guy…he inherited his mama’s short legs so he can’t quite climb on everything that he wants to.  He can’t manage to get on the sofa yet and it often results in a full-blown temper tantrum.

Some of his favorite places to practice climbing are the step-stool in the kitchen (He hasn’t figured out that he can climb on the top step.  I’m definitely okay with that though), the chair in his room, and the ottoman and chair in the living room (he will climb up in the chair to watch “Oz” now).  I am dreading the day that he realizes his full climbing potential and begins moving furniture around to climb higher and higher to get to things.  It’s scary enough with him being a few feet off of the ground!

What’s interesting is that he took about a 2 week break from learning new words and using the words that he already knows to learn how to climb.  I noticed that he started shortening words that he already knows and he would ask for things by pointing or grunting instead.  Then, I remembered that often times babies will regress a little in one area if they are learning new things.  Then, eventually they will put everything together.  I think it’s fascinating to watch it happening.

Now that he’s got the hang of climbing, our little climber monkey is talking up a storm again!












  1. I love all your pictures of E on top of stuff. He is too cute!

    That is so interesting about the talking and the climbing! I’ll have to keep an eye out for such regression/progression pairings around here. As long as he doesn’t regress in sleeping…

  2. I love all the photos. It’s really amazing about kids and the speech thing as they learn new things. Very cool.

  3. Tobey went through that climbing phase too. I would leave the room for a second and come back and find him on top of the kitchen counter. It was scary! I need to email you the picture of you and Elliot from the zoo. It is really cute!

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