Posted by: Tricia | December 9, 2008

Goodbye, So Long, Farewell… friends.  Goodbye, so long, farewell.

We’ll see you soon again, and then we’ll make music together again.


Today Elliott had his last day of music class for the semester and we were allowed to take pictures.  The class was a wonderful gift from my mom and we enjoyed it so much!

At first Elliott wasn’t sure what to think, but each time we went he seemed to enjoy it more and more.  His favorite song from the class is definitely See How I’m Jumping.  He loves to flop his little body down on the ground at the appropriate moment…well, sometimes he’s a little early, but it’s still really cute.

He loved playing all of the different musical instruments each week, and he especially loved the week that we did a Hoedown.  Boy, was that a work out!  His teachers, Ms. Julie and Ms. Jennifer, did such a wonderful job teaching the kids.  I am so glad that we had the opportunity to do it and would do it again in a heartbeat!  Thanks, Mom!










Here is a short video I put together of Elliott’s music class. If you watch him closely you can see him “flop” at the appropriate time during See How I’m Jumping. So cute!



  1. You are so good with the videos. Very cute!

    I love how Elliott stayed “flopped” for a few seconds. Funny kiddo!

  2. So super cute! Nadia adored the class too! I need to get our photos up. She kept running back to me every time I backed up to get a photo. And trying to get a video just didn’t work in the chaos.

    Good job! The photo with the scarf is super cute!

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