Posted by: Tricia | December 20, 2008

Lil’ Helper

Elliott is quite the lil’ helper these days.  He loves to “help” me sweep and mop.  He is constantly bringing me little pieces of lint, food, and leaves that he finds on the floor around the house.   And, he is actually very good at putting things back where they belong when we ask him to.  I am amazed at how well he remembers where things go, and he seems to like them in their place….he’s taking after his mama.

A few nights ago he helped me whisk up the batter for our french toast dinner.  Hmmm….I wonder what else I can get him to help with?  Is it too early to teach him how to clean the toilets?




  1. Tobey was like that too and he still loves to help. His favorite is to stand at the sink and rinse off dishes as i load the dishwasher. Recently he has started loading the dishwasher. I have seen him with a rag wiping down the walls and furniture too. So this helpful stage will stick around for a while=)

  2. Way to go at taking after you in the area of neatness. That will serve him well! Bennett has been very helpful for a little while too. It is so cute!

    B’s favorite is to help load, unload and switch out the laundry. Lately that process has gotten even slower as he wants to name each piece of clothing and who it belongs to. “Sirt! Dada!” “Yes, that’s Daddy’s shirt. Please put it in the dryer now. Thank you.”

  3. That would be a pretty awesome thing to teach him.

    Nadia has picked this up too. After you guys left on Tuesday Stephanie had K help Nadia clean up and Nadia kept moving the toys from one spot where K put them to the “correct” spot.

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