Posted by: Tricia | December 24, 2008

Santa Surprise

Last week while we were visiting with Stacey and Bennett at her mom’s house,  a very special person stopped by!  Moments after arriving we looked up to see Santa Claus walking towards the back door! 

Both boys were not sure what to think and they clung to their mommies.

We tried, without success, to get the boys to sit on Santa’s lap.  They would have none of it!

But, what toddler can resist a cookie?  Santa’s cookies worked like magic and helped the bashful boys to overcome their fears.    (I just love the look on Bennett’s face in these two pictures…he was not going to let Santa get out of his sight!)


Before we knew it both boys were giving Santa high fives!  We never could get them to sit on his lap, though. 


I guess there’s always next year!

 Thanks, Stacey, for letting us share such a special memory with you!  Thanks, Ms. Laurie, for taking such great photos!   And, thanks S”aunt”a Claus, Lisa, for playing the part!


  1. That is so cute!! What a fun thing to do.

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