Posted by: Tricia | February 2, 2009

18 Months!


I can’t believe our little baby is 18 months old today!  That’s 1 1/2…and we are headed for 2 like a speeding bullet.

I haven’t been that good about updating the blog every time Elliott turns a month older, but it seems that I have been prompted to say a little something each time he has a check-up with the Pediatrician.  We saw Dr. Jeff this morning and Elliott passed with flying colors.  He gained exactly 1 lb and grew exactly 1 inch in the last 3 months.  He managed to stay slightly above the 50th percentile for height again…whoo hoo!  And, he is in the 47th percentile for weight.  Average.  Well rounded.  Proportionate.  Perfect, if you ask me!  Elliott’s next well-visit to the Pedi will be in 6 months at 2 years!  After that, he will just go once a year until he is 21!  Wow!  What a big boy we have!

At 18 months Elliott has so many words!  He talks nonstop, and I don’t think that’s supposed to let up until he is a teenager, right?  Sheesh!



Cah (sock)




MaMa (Grandma)



Buppy (puppy)

Ki-Ki (kitty)

Mow (meow)





BaBa (banana)

MehMeh (Maveick)

Cuck (Truck)


Choo Choo

Oz (Ozwald)

Ween (Weenie, Ozwald’s dog)


Wish (fish)

Weed (read)



Tea (yes, he has a tea set!)

Tee (teeth)

Boosh (brush)

Me (binky…not quite sure why he can’t get a little closer on this one)

owdide (outside)

dide (slide)

wing (swing)



ite (light)

ite (write…when he sees a pen or pencil)



BaBa (diaper…not sure how this one stuck either)

Pay (play)



Dis (this)

Gah (God)

ByeBull (Bible)


Uh Oh

Ca Ca (cracker)

Ki Ki (cookie)




ehWhoa (hell0)

Ki Ki (Clarity)


All yun (all done)

pane (plane)

moon (spoon)

Bah (box)

Ba (back)

Ba (bath)

Tawl (tall)

Okay…that’s 66 words that he says spontaneously, without prompting, and I am sure I’m forgetting some.  Wow!  He’s come a long way in 6 months.  I looked back, and at 1 year he said 4 words!  He repeats most words (ahem…except please, of course) that we ask him to say.  And, he loves to learn new words.  Last week he asked “dis? (this)” about a toy hammer and within a few tries he was saying “mammer” on his own.

At 18 months Elliott runs!  It is so cute…especially with a full diaper…it becomes more of a waddle run.  He also loves to climb!  He can finally get himself up onto the sofa and the dining room chair.  And, in the last few weeks he has become really skilled at climbing playground equipment!  On Saturday David and I took him to a park that we hadn’t been to in a few months and we were amazed at how much he could do now!  Every step climbed or slide slid by himself is a victory!  He is turning into a little boy before our very eyes.

We decided to transition from pack ‘n’ play time out to time out in the corner last week.  It seems to work better for Elliott, and I think he is might be starting to understand.  I know the worst is yet to come in this area, but I am not feeling as overwhelmed…at the moment!

Elliott is such a sweet boy.  He loves to blow kisses and he is so friendly with strangers, always telling them “hi” and “bye”.

He is still attending Parents’ Day Out once a week on Fridays.  His teachers are wonderful and I always look forward to hearing how his day was.  Every time he goes, Elliott is sent home with a daily report card.  “Happy” and “Played well with others” are always checked off.  The last 2 weeks “teary” has been checked with a note beside it that reads “wanted mommy”.  Of course when I show up to get him he acts like it’s no big deal that I’m finally there.  Turkey!

He loves to play chase around the house and he is just starting to get the concept of hide-and-seek.  He loves to hide in his closet with one of us and jump out to scare Maverick as he walks by.

It still feels like it was yesterday that we saw Elliott’s face for the first time.  I am beginning to realize that people are serious when they say that “they grow up so fast”.  My, how time flies when you’re having fun!  Slow down, sweet boy… you’re growing up way too fast!



  1. Ah, he is getting so big! I love this post, a little snapshot of what E is learning and doing at this moment in time. It changes so fast!

    I swear Elliott is just weeks behind Bennett in the talking department instead of five months. I think B only had ten words or so at 18 months. But he’s making up for it now and turning into quite the chatterbox!

  2. […] to the first catechism and 5 animal sounds when asked, “What does a _____ say?”.  At 18 months he doubled the number with 66 words and was speaking in sentences.  He’s always had a knack […]

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