Posted by: Tricia | February 19, 2009

Baby, you can drive my car.

This is Elliott’s new favorite thing to do.  In fact, I can’t even open the front door without him begging to get in a play.  It makes trying to get him into his carseat….hmmm…let’s just say it can be interesting.  Hair pulling, hitting, and screaming are not uncommon.

Despite all of that, I still can’t resist that boy’s sweet smile!





This picture is not very good quality, but I just had to show how excited he gets to be in the driver’s seat!




  1. Oh my, what a cutie! He looks so stinkin’ proud of himself! (But yikes on the hair pulling…that’s no fun!)

    B loves this too. He begs to “yoom yoom” (go zoom zoom = drive). We’re now in the habit of me letting him sit up there and play while I unload groceries. It is the highlight of his week.

    Invariably the next time I turn the key I think my car is possessed because the radio is blaring, wipers going and blinkers are flashing.

  2. Nadia is a big fan of this too. But she doesn’t fight to get in the car seat. I hope that passes for you soon.

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