Posted by: Tricia | February 28, 2009

Summer in February

Although there are many things that David and I share a love for, the weather is not one of them.  I love summer.  He loves winter.  I like to be warm.  He likes to be cool.  In fact, when we first got married, there was a definite adjustment period when I had to grow accustomed to the thermostat being set at what felt like sub-zero temperatures…all year round.  I would get into bed wearing no less than 4 layers of clothing, shivering, while David lay next to me in his skivvies practically sweating to death.  Fortunately, I learned that taking a long hot shower and making a mad dash to the bed before my toes turned to popsicles did the trick.  I absolutely cannot fall asleep when my feet are cold.  David is kind enough to let me “warm” them up on his legs most of the time, but when that doesn’t work, it’s off to the shower to defrost.  And, after 6 1/2 years of marriage, we still have arguments about the thermostat.

Well, much to David’s chagrin, on Thursday summer paid us a little visit in February.  I loved it!  David hated it.

Our playgroup took advantage of the beautifully warm weather and had lunch in the yard at the Kimbell Art Museum.  It was the perfect day for a picnic and the kids had the best time running free.

This pinwheel was a big hit!  What a great idea…I had totally forgotten about this simple toy!


Howie brought his football and carried it around almost the entire time.


Eli brought some golf and a kickball to share.



Sweet Will…always happy.


Before lunch we decided to attempt a group shot of the kids.  We hadn’t done one in a long time, and it was a good reminder as to why we don’t do it more often.


What is so scary to a toddler about sitting down next to friends for a group photo?


I would have posted all of the pictures, but you would have just seen more tears from just about everyone in the group.  Sheesh!


After tears were dried we all gathered around for a picnic lunch.  Elliott and Howie took turns sharing.  So sweet!


In fact, we all share around here!  Food is free for all!




After lunch the kids had more fun playing near the fountains.



I know this looks scary, but the water is only about a foot deep!  It didn’t stop my heart from skipping a beat a few times, though.



Summer, anytime you want to stop by for another surprise visit, be our guest!  We love you!  And, thanks to all of our playgroup friends for making a bright sunny day even brighter!



  1. Oh these pics are great! Especially the b/w one (the last one) of you and Elliott and I LOVE the one where he is practically in DIVE position at the fountain! WHAT A FUN PLAYDATE!! I DEARLY wish we lived close to ya’ll to play in your playdates!! They just look like so much fun!!! Glad summer paid you a visit! It is…um…about 30 degrees here. And Grey. And Ugly. And Miserable. I love the northeast….she says sarcastically.

  2. I love the pictures…so wonderful! I’ve also greatly enjoyed the warmer temps. So how is it that tonight it’s so cold that we have a fire going? Crazy Texas weather…

  3. Looks like fun! We miss you guys. We’re heading back to the zoo, soon (if it warms back up). Maybe we could meet up there.

  4. It was such a great day. Especially since I left for Grand Rapids a few days later.

    Several people said they couldn’t believe I let Nadia get so far from me near the water and I also had to explain how shallow it was 🙂

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