Posted by: Tricia | April 1, 2009

Making Room

Ok, so first thing’s first…

I apologize for relaying the news that we are putting our house on the market without any further explanation.  Because it is always on our minds and we frequently discuss it with our closest friends and family members it didn’t even occur to me that I hadn’t mentioned it on the blog yet.  I will blame it on my pregnant brain…because that’s one of the perks of being pregnant, right?

Yes.  We are moving. We don’t know when or where exactly, but we have an idea.

Although we are head over heels in love with our quaint little 100 year-old cottage we’ve called home for 2 1/2 years, we are in desperate need of some more space to accommodate our growing family!

When David and I saw the house for the first time we knew it was “the one”.  It was the fourth house we looked at and we knew within minutes of being inside the door that we were going to make an offer on it.  We both had dreams of owning an old home and have enjoyed its charming character so much over the years.  We couldn’t have hand-picked better neighbors.  From day one they have been like moms and dads to us, taking us under their wings.  Their hospitality has been incredible and we are going to miss them so much.  We have made so many memories here…like the 75 year-old elm tree falling on the house the night we moved in, bringing home our first-born, saying “goodbye” to our sweet Dexter, insane Halloween traffic, and many, many more!

David and I will be the first to admit that we fell in love with the house’s charm and looked at its size and layout very idealistically when we first saw it.  Although it is technically a 3 bedroom home, just shy of 1600 square feet, it is really a 2 bedroom home with 2 living areas.  We have wrestled with the idea of adding on or converting the den into a master bedroom, but when we think realistically about our future, and our growing family, we just can’t overlook the fact that we are busting at the seams!  Adding on and renovating can be costly, and we just aren’t prepared to take on the financial burdens/stress of those kinds of projects right now.

A few months ago David and I finally came to an agreement….we are going to have to move on.  As much as we love it here, we need a change.

So we began the tedious task of making a list of all of the projects that needed to be completed before putting the house on the market.  With the exception of a few larger projects that we hired a contractor to take on, David has had to tackle everything on his own.  Being the pregnant mother of a toddler, it is difficult and unsafe for me to help with painting, staining, heavy manual labor, etc.  And, I must say, that David has done an incredible job!  He has become quite the handy-man!  After a few months of work-filled weekends I think we are nearing the end.  We hope to have the house ready to put on the market by the end of this month.

Elliott and I are really starting to miss having David around to play with on the weekends, but I know that it will all be worth it in the end.  He loves to watch his daddy working on the house.  “Hammer” and “paint” are now some of his favorite words.

A common sight around our house these days.


We are trying to remain optimistic about a quick sell even though the market doesn’t look so hot for sellers right now.  On the flip side, if we can sell, we will be in a great position to buy.  As for where we’re headed..we’re not sure.  There are other neighborhoods in Fort Worth that we like, but we also love the idea of finding an empty lot in our current neighborhood and building a new home with all of the elegant charm of an old home.

No matter the outcome, we are excited for the change…and we’ll be sure to keep you posted!


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