Posted by: Tricia | April 2, 2009

Duck, Duck, Goose!

I took these pictures about a month and a half ago, and saved them in a draft with the intention of  publishing a post about them.  Now that I’m finally getting caught up on blogging I thought that they were just too cute not to post.

After picking Elliott up at Mothers’ Day Out I took him to the duck pond to feed the ducks.  We visit the duck pond often, but this was the first time that Elliott actually fed the ducks!  He loved throwing the bread into the water…almost as much as he loved eating it!  Ick!  The next time we went I remembered to take him a yummy snack to distract him from eating the moldy bread.

I didn’t get a picture of the mean goose mentioned in the title that nearly attacked us.  I guess I was too busy grabbing my kid and running away.  Note to self: ducks and geese at the duck pond are especially hungry after a few days of rain because no one has come to feed them moldy bread.  Feed at your own risk.





After filling the tummies of our bird friends we headed off to nearby Trinity Park to play.  It was a gorgeous day and there were lots of kids to run around with.  I was tired and nauseous, but I had fun watching him have such a good time.  Oh, and it’s days like these that I would miss dearly if we were to move from our current neighborhood.  I love being close to so many wonderful places that Elliott and I can both enjoy.








  1. Sweet pictures! He’s so big!

    Yes, snacks are helpful in reducing the amount of stale bread ingested by the little one. Sorry about that mean ol’ goose. Hope he doesn’t deter Mr. E from future duck feeding!

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