Posted by: Tricia | April 7, 2009

Long Distance Lovebirds


November 2008:  After a wonderful “last dinner” with the Carman family we said our “goodbyes” and cried a few tears because we knew that we would miss them so much.  We planned to make a trip to Little Rock in a few months, once they were settled in their new house.

Valentine’s Day 2009:  Upon opening a card addressed to Elliott from Clarity Carman and seeing her picture, Elliott exclaims “KiKi” and kisses her picture…unpromted.  I totally wish I had captured it on the video camera.  It was at that moment that I just knew we had to get these two together again soon.

The next day Shelley and I were planning our trip via email even though they were still living in an apartment searching for the perfect home.

David already had a business trip to San Diego planned for the last weekend in March so I thought it would be a great opportunity to skip town and spend it with the Carmans.

I must say that I was a little nervous about making the 6 hour road trip with a toddler who can’t sit still for 5 minutes.   With a few tricks up my sleeve, I decided to head out at naptime.  I figured Elliott would nap about 2 hours leaving me with 4 hours of awake time to kill.  Let me just say that the portable DVD player my mom loaned me worked like a dream!!!!  I was blown away at how well Elliott behaved…not one tear was shed the whole way there and the whole way back.  We also sang a lot of songs, made a lot of pit stops to excercise our legs, and Elliott read a lot of books to himself.  What a sweet boy he was!

The magical DVD player…thanks, Mom!


The drive out took an hour longer than I expected so when we arrived Clarity was already in bed.  Elliott played with some of her toys while Shelley and Big Elliott and I caught up.  Then,  it was off to bed.

Shelley and I joked the next morning that it felt like Christmas morning.  Elliott began asking for “KiKi” the moment he woke up.  Not long after, Clarity began talking so we grabbed the video camera to capture the long distance lovebirds reuniting!  You can check out the video on Shelley’s blog.

Elliott and Clarity have “chatted” several times via Skype over the past few months, but we were so curious to see how they would react to each other in person.   It was so sweet to see the two of them hugging and interacting now that they are older.  They share a special bond that is different than with their other friends.  Perhaps it’s because they spent so much time with one another when they were itty bitty.


The kids had so much fun playing together over the weekend.   Elliott found Clarity’s bus right away and she was nice enough to share it with him.  They both learned a lot about sharing and about taking turns!


On Friday we took the kids to the Little Rock zoo.  It was so much fun to visit a new zoo and see new animals!  We saw a crazy little monkey swinging wildy back and forth on a rope.  I thought that was neat because the monkeys at our zoo mostly just sit around.


This little Sloth bear was so cute!



We also saw a really cool porcupine, but I didn’t get his picture.





Poor Clarity spent a lot of the weekend in a lot of pain due to a double ear infection!  Elliott could hear her crying and would say “Sad….baby” over and over again.  So sweet.

Clarity was a trooper and didn’t let the ear infection get in the way of visiting with her favorite friend!  In fact, one day Shelley forgot to bring her blankie along in the car so she told her to hold Elliott’s hand to make her feel better.  Right away, she grabbed Elliott’s hand and they didn’t let go for several minutes!  It was so cute!

The next day we took the kids to The Wonder Place to explore.  There was so much to do and the kids had a blast!




On Sunday Elliott and I went to church with the Carmans and had lunch at McDonalds…it’s quick, cheap, and the kids love it!  With naptime right around the corner it was time to say our “goodbyes”.


We had such a great time in Little Rock!  Thanks, Shelley and Big Elliott for being such gracious hosts to us!  We felt right at home in your home and the food was great!  And, as always, we love you so much, Miss Clarity!  We can’t wait to see you again soon this summer!




  1. These two are so cute and sweet together. Thanks for sharing! We are supposed to see them in the summer, we’ll see. I hope the kids get along, ha ha.

  2. That is just too sweet for words! It is incredible that they remember each other and have such a special relationship at such a young age. Precious!

    What fun for you to get to visit for a few days. I’m glad E was an angel during your travels! We will attempt a 14 (!) hour trip to Atlanta with both kiddos in June. Yikes!

  3. That is just so sweet. I loved reading the posts on both blogs. I am so glad you made the drive.

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