Posted by: Tricia | May 5, 2009

Lying Low

The swine flu managed to ruin our weekend plans to go to Mayfest with friends and it’s wreaked havoc on our fun play date plans of late.  We’ve been forced to lie low, but we won’t let anything stop us from having fun!  Last week Brooke and Eli invited us over to “play in the mud” so I dressed Elliott in some old clothes (and his rain boots, of course) and loaded up the stroller for the 10 block walk to her house.

For some reason I didn’t get the camera out while the boys were actually playing in the mud, but I did manage to snap a few great shots of them picking fresh strawberries to eat out of Brooke’s garden.  Elliott loved getting to help pick the fruit and he loved eating it even more!









It was a hot and muggy day…perfect for popsicles!



Thanks, Brooke & Eli for inviting us over for such a fun day!  It was a treat!


  1. Sad to not see muddy boy pictures but I LOVE the strawberry picking shots! Someday I want to grow tummy things in my very own back yard.

  2. Oh so cute!!!!

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