Posted by: Tricia | May 13, 2009

God is good. God comforts.

This week we learned that our baby was a boy and that he had a rare genetic disorder called Triploidy. Had he lived long enough to see this world he would have been born with many severe birth defects and he probably wouldn’t have survived more than a few days.

Although receiving this news helped to ease some of my concerns that the miscarriage was my fault, of course it doesn’t make us any less sad about losing a child.  Having more information about our baby makes us feel closer to him, and the pain has resurfaced.  We are thanking God for having spared us the pain of watching our baby die after birth and we continue to trust in His good, and perfect plan for us, and our baby.

We have named him Evan Nehemiah…meaning, God is good.  God comforts.


  1. Thankful that you got to know more about what happened. Thinking of you.

  2. Tricia…
    I can see that the added information is both a comfort and a resurfacing of sorrow. Your faith is so strong and forthcoming. I admire your strength in our Lord. I, too, will be thinking of you guys.

  3. Oh Tricia, I wish I could hug you. I am glad to know that you guys were able to find this and that it can comfort you. I continue to pray that God will always comfort you.

  4. Evan…what a beautiful name. What a blessing it is that you were able to learn more about him. Praise the Lord for that. We are praying for you…I know that this must be very hard. I wish I knew what to say…

  5. Tricia, we will be praying for both of you. It is so hard to lose a baby in miscarriage. I am thankful you both are looking to God for comfort.

  6. Bless your heart, Tricia. That’s all I can say…bless your heart. I am blown away by your reliance on the Lord through all of this and your positive outlook on His plan. It definitely makes the situation even MORE sad knowing more of the details…but I’m sure you needed to know them for peace. I am keeping ya’ll in my prayers. I think the name Evan is beautiful.

  7. Oh Tricia, I can only imagine how your arms must ache to hold Evan in such a very real way.
    I will always hold a special place in my heart for my grandson, our dear Evan Nehemiah. I long to know him, yet I know he is so loved, and blessed by our Father in heaven. We are richer for having Evan pass through our lives.


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